Calling all pole dancing bloggers!

Yes, and that means You!

A while ago I was invited to join the ‘Pole Dancing Bloggers’ group on Facebook. It’s basically a little network for anyone who writes a pole dancing blog and a place where you can bounce ideas off other pole bloggers.

Right now there’s still less than 50 members in the group, but I know there are tons more pole bloggers out there. I mean, there are new blogs that debut every other week on WordPress alone!

So if you’ve got a pole blog (and I know you probably do!) Feel free to add yourself to the group and drop a message to me or one of the other bloggers to approve you. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been poling, or how long you’ve been blogging. We’re all in this together. 🙂

Click here to join the Pole Dancing Bloggers Facebook group

FYI: Only Facebook profiles can be added to the group, so you can’t add your blog page to it. And that’s why you have to add yourself to the group.

You can participate in the group’s new ‘blog hop’ idea too. Basically, everyone agrees on a theme for the month and posts a blog entry / photo / video on that theme, then links to the other bloggers who have also written something about the theme. Since it’s October, this month’s theme is Halloween.

(To find out more about the blog-hop, just check it out for yourself in the group page cos I’m quite tech-tarded and can’t really explain how it works any better than this)

Anyway, I thought I’d let the creator of the Pole Dancing Bloggers group herself tell you a little more about it. So meet the lovely Valentina from Italy!

– Tell us about yourself and how you started pole dancing
I am Valentina, I live in Milan, and my passion for pole dancing started in 2010. In that period one of my friends showed me a video of a girl doing pole dance. I got impressed about her, how strong and light she was and I immediately told myself “You are going to do this”. I searched for a school in Milan and I started the course with Amber Ray at Milan Pole Dance. Amber is a lovely person and a great teacher, with her I worked a lot on my strength as well as sexy movements and choreography, I think it’s the right mix.

– When and how did you start blogging?
The idea of blogging started two months after I took my first class. In Italy there was no website talking about pole dancing, about the big stars, or about championships so I decided to explore my passion and share this love with everyone. Officially the blog has been launched in January 2011, but I started writing in June 2011 and since then I have never stopped.

– Tell us a little about your pole blog
The aim of the blog is telling what happens in the pole dancing industry around the world, in Italian. Pole dancing is growing fast in Italy, more passion for it is growing and I think sharing the love with them is wonderful. We are now five persons in the team, and everyone talks about an aspect of pole dancing. Alessandra speaks about the coolest things in the pole dancing industry, Concy is our beauty expert, Zombina speaks about emotions and all the funny things. We have also a man in the group: Federico, he is our videomaker because we also work on doing videos and video interviews.

– What gave you the idea to start the pole dancing bloggers Facebook group?
Since the opening the blog, I have tried to get in contact with other bloggers around the world such as Lori or Amy, because I love sharing experience and meeting new people. In the meantime I think that collaborating and being open is the key to make this amazing sport grow. We bloggers have decided to put our passion, time, and much more to write about this sport, and knowing each other is a big opportunity to discover new things and what happens around the world, and who knows.. maybe one day we will meet.

– What is you vision for the group? 
First of all I have opened it for us to know each other, create a link with people in many different countries who love pole dancing and also to feel we are not alone. Second, I believe that united we can do much more for this sport in terms of knowledge, involving pole dancing associations to work together, and show outside of the pole dancing industry that we are a group.

– Are there any guidelines for joining the group, (besides, obviously needing to own a blog about pole dancing! Ie: how old must your blog be, any preference for language it is written in).
Actually there is only one “rule”: have a blog about pole dancing. No matter how old it is, which language, it should be at least updated once a month to show that it is still alive. At the moment in the group we are about 30 blogs from 15 different countries, I have contacted about another 21 bloggers to join the group and I am sure there are many more outside. I hope other bloggers will join this group early!

– Any other guidelines? (be nice to each other, no advertising for non-pole stuff, etc)
The group is open and there are no strict guidelines for the moment. Advertising is not allowed, but anyone can create new documents related to a topics, where we can collect link or information on specific topics or issue as “Pole Dancing Associations”, “Pole Dancing History” “Pole Dancing products” etc.
We can all build the rules of the group together and explore new kind of collaboration.

Thank you Sue for the interview I really appreciated that and I really hope to meet many more people in the group!

Thanks Valentina! 🙂

Click here to join the Pole Dancing Bloggers Facebook group

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7 Responses to Calling all pole dancing bloggers!

  1. CuteJanessa says:

    Almost makes me want to take up pole dancing so I can be part of this group. Sadly my other half has always been against that idea. But rock on!!!!

  2. JP says:

    I’m so starting one under an alias.

  3. originalribenababy says:

    Can you join if your blog is not exclusively about pole? Mines a bit of all sorts but focuses a lot on travel, wildlife/conservation, a little psychology as well as pole dancing/tri fly and yoga… Bits of all sorts!

  4. thanks so much for sharing!

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