Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime.

I think I’ve hit my first major pole plateau.

I’ve been faithfully going for regular classes but it just doesn’t seem like I’ve been
getting anywhere in terms of strength or stamina. Running’s been a chore, I haven’t been motivated to go for yoga at all, and last Saturday I even considered skipping out on all my classes and staying at home!

Also been feeling frustrated that I’m not on top of the choreo for cabaret pole and intermediate slap, since I missed a couple of classes and haven’t taken any videos of them, and so now I basically blank out halfway when I try to practice them.

At first I thought it was just a matter of not practicing enough, and not being able to put what I’ve learned to practice. But I also feel like I’m just stuck in a giant rut in general.

It’s my 4th time in inter 3, and in some ways I’m bored and cruising through because I can do pretty much all the tricks in the routine, but at the same time I get upset that they’re not as effortless and pretty as I wish they were. In fact, I feel the clumsiest and least confident doing this inter 3 routine compared to the last 2! Wtf?

That explains why I only have one stinking video of it though, usually by week 7 I’d have filmed about 6.

And then, there’s the biggest struggle of all: the issue about moving up to prep advanced!

I know that I’m going to feel like an overwhelmed beginner all over again when I finally get there, and I’m really not looking forward to that.

But even that’s still out of my reach right now because I’m still scrambling to get the candy with my shoes on so that I can pass the assessment before the new term begins (and all the prep classes are full) and it’s the biggest bloody pain in the ass!

Actually, it’s the biggest pain in my very sore right shoulder. Especially after Tuesday’s pole practice when I made about 10 combined attempts at the candy, with and without both shoes and success.

Thanks to Liz’s tip, I finally managed to clamber both feet above my head to do one last, very mangled candy into left leg hang with my shoes on before I was well and truly done for the night.

So it’s back for more self-inflicted shoulder bashing Candy practice tonight for me. A bunch of us are supposed to film a group pole video for fun, but I might only be in the mood to watch them and sulk pitifully by myself!

Okay, end of rant!

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8 Responses to Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime.

  1. krissykikik says:

    I am sure you will work through this pole rut! Keep at it!

  2. Po.lita Le says:

    I hear you honey. I’ve been feeling the plateau the past few terms myself. The conversations that run through my head during each routine aren’t exactly very encouraging either. Putting too much pressure on myself I think. Things I look forward to most on Saturdays are our banana walnut pancake dates (with EXTRA CREAM!).

  3. Pole, like life, is full of ups and downs! Try focusing on something else for a couple days? Spend a day vegging on the couch? Sometimes you just need a break, and it sounds like you’ve earned one! This happened to me and I was able to snap out of it after a few days. Maybe get a photographer friend to snap some hot pics of you doing some hard moves? Sometimes you need to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.
    I’m sure you’ll be back at it in no time 🙂

  4. Cayce says:

    You sound like you’re getting burned out. Take a break! there’s no shame in it, and you’ll come back stronger and refreshed. I almost always come back from a break better and cleaner, with renewed energy and joy. 🙂

  5. Actually I think you’ve improved like crazy and your transitions are nice and fluid. If you must know, I’ve secretly envied you for that since amateur night. So what if you can’t go to a higher level, at least you’ve got pretty lines and great moves where you are. Like our wise principal instructor Linna said it’s better to watch a beginner dance with beautiful lines than a girl in advanced class crab-walking her way into tricks. I’m also pretty much at a plateau since I can’t do 80% of the prep tricks. So let’s make it our mission this year to make all our int 3 tricks look super awesome!

    • Chwenny says:

      Aw, thanks hunny.. You are so not at a plateau tho! Considering you’re a first-round prep it’s amazing that you can keep up and finish that crazy routine..

  6. ange says:

    Hey hon, maybe try something new and challenging just for fun? Gotta mix up your routine a bit sometimes, especially when you feel like you’re doing the same old stuff. Go for muay thai with Miss Folly! Or use the 45mm more! Or learn a new form of dance or try silks!

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