Destination: Candy-land

I wanna get to Candy-land!

Last term, I made a short list of pole goals to work towards. One of them was to start seriously working on the Candy, aka my Ultimate Nemesis move.

Right. Well, that didn’t happen. My excuse is that because I’d decided to sign up for Amateur Night at the very last minute, I dropped everything else in order to practice for it.

But frankly, I knew (even as I was typing out my list of pole goals) that the Candy was going to be the least likely to happen.

That dang Candy and I just never got off to a good start! From the first moment that I found out what exactly it was, I never really believed that I’d ever have the strength for it. Then there was the first time I made an attempt at it in class last year, when Po.lita dutifully spotted shoved me butt-first up to the pole, and I promptly freaked out and nearly fell out of it.

*Edit* And here’s a video of it, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about!

I pretty much avoided it ever since. It just seemed crazy scary, physically improbable, painful, and detrimental to my mental well-being.

Then a few weeks ago, Ange and Miss Folly came over to my place to try out my 45mm X-pole, and they started working some Candy’s. Ange managed to touch her bare foot to the pole above her head, which is the first step in getting to Candy-land and totally inspired me. So after they left, I thought I’d try marking the position myself.

…And amazingly, my foot touched the pole! I was so shocked, I made my husband come out and watch me do it 3 more times. Then I decided to go for an ankle grab invert and that actually happened too!

Whoo-hoo! A ‘cheater version’ of the Candy!

I honestly don’t know what changed, because I definitely hadn’t been working on it for ages. It’s like my body just decided that it was time to figure it out after months of me not even trying.

Since then, I’ve actually managed to properly candy into Gemini without shoes on. Somehow doing things bare foot always makes me feel safer when learning new stuff. But trying it with my heels on is a different story, especially when I’m already tired!

I suspect it’s got something do with re-figuring out my centre of gravity when there’s an extra 6 inches on (being tall can be annoying at times) and just plain getting comfortable doing a new style of inversion. Because I went through this with the basic invert, the chopper, and pull-up V: I got them all in my bare feet initially, then had to work on getting them with my shoes on.

I’m not complaining though! I had to fight really hard to get every new inversion at each different level, but this one just kinda happened on its own without the usual frustrating struggle of going through many dedicated, unsuccessful practice sessions first.

I just need to get it with my shoes on by the end of term so I can pass the assessment into prep advanced and move the hell up already!

Damn! The thought alone already makes me so anxious. Erm, no pressure right…

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7 Responses to Destination: Candy-land

  1. I have absolutely no idea what Candy is (you have the cutest names for everything:P), but congrats on the progress!:)

    • Chwenny says:

      Lol, oops! Sometimes I forget that these are ‘Bobbi’ terms! The Candy is basically a shoulder mount using Princess grip (if I’m not wrong) and it’s kiiiiiilling meeeeeee…! :p

  2. Fran says:

    Haha! We’re starting to learn the Candy in Int 2 so we don’t struggle so much with it in Int 3 – fat chance!

    I think it’s a new thing that Bobbi implemented after realizing that not everyone has crazy superhuman strength like she does! And FML – I have no idea how I am ever going to get my legs above my head. Just thinking about it and that awkward Candy grip (isn’t it awkward?!) makes my knees quiver ever so slightly. I can do a Candy from the floor but that is absolutely nothing compared to doing it standing up. I grunt like a man when I attempt it – not very pleasant 😦

    And YES – I totally agree re learning new moves barefoot!
    🙂 Although I have to admit I feel stunted the minute I take them off in class.

  3. Michaela says:

    I was also thinking ‘wtf is a candy!?!’ But now that you’ve explained it, that post makes so much more sense!! This one is seriously difficult, and I think it relies a lot on upper body strength. So maybe, even though you haven’t practiced it specifically you’ve gotten stronger by going through your routine so often?
    I can only just get it if I swing up into it. Dead lifting seems so impossible right now!

  4. Black Orchid says:

    I need to see a photo or video of this move…

  5. I too would love a video! Even of you attempting it. It sounds hard and I am intrigued

  6. Chwenny says:

    Alright guys, your wish is my command! Just added in a video tutorial of The Candy in the post above. Lena really makes it look ridiculously easy though!

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