Sometimes you just win

A mega-grin moment. (Legs not in the perfect angle, but you get the idea..)

Been a tiring week with trying to fit yoga and running back into my weekly schedule, and waking up almost every day feeling like I somehow got run over by an ice cream truck in my sleep.

I also went for my first session of pole practice on Thursday after 3 weeks. Of course, I decided to go for it immediately after my first yoga class in 5 weeks.

I realized what a bad decision it was to do them back-to-back as I stumbled out of the yoga studio and made my way to the pole studio, but I had already arranged to meet miss Folly there and it’s never nice to back out of agreements last-minute.

Fortunately, the only major thing I wanted to accomplish was to get back my lost pike, and I did. With some encouragement and spotting, I even managed to extend into a couple of 2-second DVD covers. Yay!

For me, getting new pole tricks usually involves a lot of dedication and patience, so my approach to pole practice and progression is to focus solely on one or two things and make sure I accomplish them. So anything else is a happy bonus. Like the DVD covers.

But I got the best surprise bonus ever on Saturday during Perfect Lines class! We were working on split moves, and so worked on one of the ultimate split moves: the Jade.

And with the instructor’s spotting and a little tweaking, (I heart u long time, Viv!) there I was in a perfect flat jade!!! The fact that I totally was not expecting to ever nail it anytime before the next 3 years just makes it so much sweeter.

And it SO makes all the aches, sweat and bruises worth it!

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7 Responses to Sometimes you just win

  1. Michaela says:

    Congrats!!! It looks AWESOME!

  2. Nooblet says:

    Wow! So happy for you! And so incredibly jealous ;p

  3. Fran says:

    AAAA-MAZING! :))
    So jelly right now – but so happy for you. Hehe.
    I’m especially loving that big smile on your face!


  4. Chwenny says:

    Thanks! I think the jade is actually easier than it looks. If you can do a hip hold, it’s doable. Just gotta be flexy enough for it to look alright!

  5. Kim Ong says:

    Omg it looks amazing!!! Your jade split’s perfect!

  6. Beautiful!! Love the boots too

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