Bringing some Bobbi’s to the beach

Bobbi girls and Blader boys

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon pole dancing with some friends on the beach.  Me and 3 of my pole pals who did Amateur Night had been picked to promote Bobbi’s Pole Studio on Siloso beach at Sentosa, as part of the events happening to celebrate Sentosa’s 40th birthday.

We were there from 12 – 6pm to perform a short set each, teach people a little basic pole dancing, and sign them up for the studio’s mini-pole promotion. Besides us, there were roller blading and breakdance performances too, as well as some face-painting and henna tattooing going on.

The portable pole had been set up in a nice shady spot for us along the pavement of Siloso Beach next to the DJ tent where the other performances took place. But by 1pm the sun had risen to its peak and our shade was completely gone, leaving the pole standing under the direct, scorching afternoon heat.

It was so fiercely hot that we had to move our table across the street to where the shade has migrated. Luckily, we only had to do one performance set per hour and we could take turns rotating, so we got busy eating ice creams promoting classes instead.

But getting girls to try out their skills on the pole was a challenge on its own. Most of them were too shy to even go near it, and some of the ones who did were tourists on vacation who couldn’t sign up for the studio’s promotion anyway.

With 6 yr-old Nika, my favourite pole volunteer!

Which isn’t to say that we had no one on the pole… Lots of people wanted to take pictures with us on the pole and kids of all ages loved it, immediately climbing straight to the top and doing spontaneous chair spins all by themselves!

Funnily enough, we also got loads of guys wanting to try it out too. The whole day I swear, we had fellas pouncing on it to bust out flagpoles mounts, shoulder mounts, and choppers.

What can I say… Guys just love their poles eh! 😉

Some guys even left looking rather disheartened when they just couldn’t lift themselves upside down, despite all our couching and encouragement. I guess at least now they realize that it really isn’t as easy as we make it look!

I performed last, (having basically stalled for time until the sun started to set) and chose to freestyle to a Nicki Minaj song instead of trying to remember one of the studio routines.

…So now I know that freestyling on the pole for an entire song is bloody hard ok! Especially when you’re not very familiar with exactly how long it is! I felt really awkward at some points, but at least my momentary mortification was worth it cos we got a couple of fresh signups right after my set!

Overall, it was a good experience. Despite the dizzying heat, spending an afternoon on the beach pole dancing with my friends isn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday at all. Thank goodness I remembered to apply some sunblock my chest and shoulders to, because the rest of them are now sporting some serious tan lines. (FYI, I don’t tan very well, I burrrrnnnn.)

Oh, and being forced to wing it on the pole in public is great training. Cos if you can manage to smile at a crowd of stony-faced strangers while randomly body rolling to cover up the fact that your mind has suddenly gone blank, any smaller stuff will no longer make you sweat!

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2 Responses to Bringing some Bobbi’s to the beach

  1. cindy says:

    Wow, I don’t know how you ladies dance in the heat…I’ll probably just sweat myself off the pole!

  2. that’s so funny about the guys being bummed they can’t lift themselves on the pole! Whenever a guy friend attempts something on my pole I always hear, “Well, I have a lot of respect for strippers now.”
    I love that guys are into it too! I think it’s hot watching a guy pull off a masculine routine
    Congrats on the public freestyle!

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