Parting is such sweet sorrow

Best-Pole-Pals-4-Eva!! Me, Miss Folly, & Ange

Pole pals. Where would any of us be without them? Looking forward to
meeting them in class, grabbing a post-pole snack amidst endless pole
chatter, and having someone to send random, mid-day pole texts to is
all what makes pole so enjoyable in the first place.

Whenever I miss a class, I miss all my pole pals too, and the
camaraderie of everyone being in it together.

Which is why it’s so hard to bid farewell to one of them for now!

Especially when we’ve all been through 10 months of sweat and struggle
together, fought to get our pull-up-V’s together, and agonized for hours via text over what kind of thigh-high stripper boots to buy. Last term, we were perfectly-height-and-size-matching-partners in crime for a rockin’ girl-on-girl intermediate slap routine too!

Getting our Cowgirl on!

She was the one who inspired me to upgrade from 5″ to 6″ heels, when I realised that a girl even taller than me was fearlessly rocking high
platforms… and looking fabulous in them! And she was one of the first ones I confided in about wanting to join Amateur Night, cause she’s the
level-headed one amongst us. (Miss Folly’s the flamboyant one, Anni’s
the crazy one, and I’m.. the flighty one?! Lol!)

Last week, she and Miss Folly came over to my place to try out my X-pole, since neither of them had ever touched a 45mm before, and most pole studios outside of Bobbi’s use 45mm or 50mm X-poles. We’d been talking about having a pole jam at my place for ages and I’m so glad we finally made it happen!

Cos now, she’s leaving on a jet plane for Toronto, Canada, where she’s
getting one step closer to her dream of saving the world. *sniff!*

A pole sandwich in my living room

Ange, class won’t be the same without your tall leggy hotness in the
studio! Miss you already, and looking forward to you joining us all in Advanced (hopefully!) in a year or so. And you are soooo brave to move to a different continent all by yourself to pursue those aspirations!

In the meantime, you’d better promise to start that pole blog of yours so we can all read it and follow your new adventures! And in return, we’ll email you our videos from every term’s performance week.

Oh, and say hi to Aerial Amy for us when you do her workshops in September, you lucky duck!!

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