Back to the grindstone

So tired…

Oh, my poor aching body!

After taking a 3 week break from tech 2 pole class, my yoga classes and my weekly run in order to focus on my routine for amateur night, I can already feel such a big difference!

Week one of the new term is usually when I can cruise through, but last week was anything but cruising.

On Monday, I did the usual tech 2 and inter 3 class combo, and felt way more tired than usual. I put it down to pms, when I usually have super-low levels of energy and strength.

Then I woke up feeling achey the next day.

That’s almost embarrassing cos I never ache from pole anymore unless I try something new or do more than 3 hours consecutively. Sheesh!

So I figured that pms week must be upon me with a vengeance, and used it as an excuse to skip out on yoga again until this week, which was probably a good decision.

Cos on Wednesday, I joined my running crew again after not seeing them for about a month. After the first 20 paces, my entire body just felt as if I was running underwater!

I had to stop and walk twice, and towards the end of our run, me and my running buddy decided to just screw the timing and grab a drink (and a muffin!) at Starbucks before finishing.

Fine, I know that returning to cardio after a month will guarantee almost anyone a hard time. Fair enough.

But after aching from my 3 new classes at the studio on Saturday, I know for sure that I must have suffered a huge dip in overall fitness! This term, I’m doing Cabaret pole for the first time, (and loving it so far) the new Perfect Lines class, and inter Slap every Saturday.

I didn’t even feel that tired when I got back home, but damn, was I aching all over the next day! Thank goodness I couldn’t stay for tech 1..

And to think that I wasn’t even really on a break! I was still working on the pole with my routine 3 times a week, and still doing inter 3 too. Really hoping I’ll fare better this week…

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2 Responses to Back to the grindstone

  1. butterflyhips says:

    hey! i commented on one of your previous posts before. wanted to say that i didn’t manage to go for amateur night but your vid was good! i thought the opening bit was very creative. haha actually i was the girl sharing a pole with you during perfect lines on saturday. will say hi again next time!

  2. Chwenny says:

    Oh, you’re the one with the beautiful lines and an archy back! Thanks babe 😉

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