..What competition?

It’s just prettier with girls..

So, back to Amateur Night.

It’s not the idea of competing that fazes me.

Because I don’t view myself as competing, I think of it as me putting up a showcase. What freaks me out is potentially looking really bad next to everyone else!

Especially since in this particular Amateur Night, 7 out of the 13 girls performing pole routines are from Advanced. And some of them are really super duper advanced. Like, Good-Enough-To-Potentially-Place-in-Miss-Pole-Dance-South-East-Asia, and Definitely-Good-Enough-to-be-an-Instructor kind of advanced.

So I personally feel like the real competition is by default between the 7 of them, and the rest of us are the actual amateurs of Amateur Night. (No offense to any of my fellow non-Advanced am-nite competitors, I’m just calling this one the way I see it!)

Of course, the point of this whole endeavor is to have fun, enjoy the ride, and be mad crazy proud of ourselves for having the guts to get up on a stage and do our thing in the first place!



Now excuse me while I go back to sewing part of my own costume 😀

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5 Responses to ..What competition?

  1. Frances says:

    Oh! I’ll be watching the Perth Amateur Night in a few weeks too. Will be thinking of you and channelling lots of positive thoughts your way! 🙂 Just remember to have FUN! I’m thinking of doing it next year so I hope your account of the whole experience doesn’t completely freak me out! Haha x

  2. Cayce says:

    ‘atta girl, Chwenny!! That’s the spirit! Go do your thing, show what you can do, and make sure your hubby takes video so the rest of us can see what I’m sure will be an AWESOME performance!!!

  3. miss folly says:

    No offence taken, I totally agree with you after our chat that Saturday. WOOHOO we will still rock it in our not-so-pro-Int-3 way!!!

  4. Serenne Teng says:

    Dear Sue-Anne,

    Awesome to know that you are joining the Amateur Nite :).

    Yeah reading your entry brought me back to the time when I had mine.. it was initially supp to be a trio but my pole mates backed out and I carried on solo.. You are right in not taking it as a competition rather as a performance and showcase what you have achieved so far and simply enjoy the whole thing.. no regrets I guarantee, only buckets of unforgettable memories lol 

    All the best and I will be rooting for you, cheers!! ^.^

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