New shoe review

Ain’t that the truth!

So I brought my brand-new boots to the studio on Tuesday to test them out and pop my thigh-high cherry. (Don’t you love the way that sounds?!)

I wore them with a pair of leggings for Beginner Slap class, and wow! Floor work never felt better! Usually I get the worst bruises on my knees from the freakin’ floor, since my knees are all knobby and bony, but suddenly kneeling and sliding around the floor became a breeze because my knees felt so snuggly and protected.

That’s money well spent, if you ask me.

They also make everything look so super dramatic, though with moves like leg waves, I have to work around controlling the unglamorous squeaking of patent leather rubbing against itself.

But I got a rude shock when it came to using them on the pole: they actually make things harder! I slid down doing a spin climb, and didn’t  feel very secure doing a left leg hang.

And there I was, thinking that they were going to be a super-grip secret weapon! Oh well, I know they’ll have to take some getting used to. For now I’m just going to use them for Slap. And maybe I’ll try putting some hairspray on them next time and see if that makes them any easier to pole in.

I also brought along  the pink Barbie heels last Saturday and did inter 3, beg slap and inter slap in them. But within those first 3 hours, the toe area on the right side got scuffed! *sad face*

Fortunately, I was able to mix a little leather acrylic paint from the office and cover up the scuff marks quite well but I’ll probably have to just save them for performances now. At this rate now that I know how delicate they are, I won’t be able to use them all the time like my original plan was to. Damn!

As for the gorgeous black blingey ones, I haven’t had any need to wreck test them out just yet. I’d planned to only use them for performances anyway, since the last thing I want is to send little crystals flying all over the place during class.

But I am so loving the basic clear 6″ ones! Even for brand-new heels they are amazingly comfy, hug my feet perfectly, and are nice and light. My old 5″ pair have officially retired! I totally understand why the clear ones are the original ‘stripper heel’ of choice. Those things can take abuse and it hardly shows!

Yes, I’m still totally high on heels right now. Heheheh…

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4 Responses to New shoe review

  1. Cayce says:

    Maybe you can try sealing them with a spray-sealant to help prevent scuffing? You should be able to find it at a craft store – just make sure you cover the footbed of the shoe before going to town on them! I know people use spray-sealant on glitter’d heels, so I’m sure it’ll work great for the bottoms. I don’t have any ideas on how to protect the leather on top – I don’t know if the spray-sealant would make them stiff and unwearable or not…

  2. Billie says:

    If you’re boots aren’t sticking to the pole try putting a little bit of hairspray or shaving cream (try a little bit of Gillette womens shaving cream, or what ever you usually use on your skin to help you stick) on them. Boots are usually great for Chrome and Stainless steel poles but Brass they don’t stick as well.

    • Chwenny says:

      Oh ok then I’ll try my regular shaving gel next time.. was scared to but I’ll take the advice of a fellow brass user & Bobi’s girl! 🙂

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