The hidden costs of pole dancing

You knows it, girlfriend…

No, I’m not even talking about the growing army of 6″ stripper heels at the back of your closet which you happen to need in clear, black, pink, red, white, silver, sparkly and thigh high, nor the heaps and piles of Victoria Secret undies and swim wear, or the sea of cheap black booty shorts from every conceivable brand, or even the impressive range of grip aids you might have gone through by now.

And I’m definitely not talking about extra private classes, unnecessary but gorgeous photoshoots, or the countless weekly studio practice bookings that slowly but surely all add up.

Cos those I know we willingly pay for.

I’m talking about those bloody regular body massages / physiotherapy / chiropractor / osteopathy / acupuncture sessions that you need to ‘get fixed’ with, now that you work out even more than your significant other does.


I’ve done the gamut from physios, to traditional Chinese massage, to falling asleep on my tennis ball, all in the name of preserving my back / shoulders / hips / whichever other body part feels achey and wonky.

And I’m in complete denial about how much I’ve spent on them in the past year or so.

I’m in even more denial about how many more I’ll inevitably need as I continue to progress, and Gawd, it’s just exasperating sometimes! Especially when your regular masseuse happens to be off just when you’re in dire need of someone familiar to dig their elbow into the side of your ass on a Thursday evening.

Which, I suppose is at least better than needing someone to dig their elbow into the side of your ass on a Friday evening, which might interfere with your scheduled pole class.

Also, I know most of the time it’s rest and restraint that helps the most, but every once in a while I feel the need to pay top dollar for the peace of mind that comes with a health care professional telling me that I’m perfectly fine and that rest and restraint will help me the most.

Fortunately, this is not one of those days.

But seriously, doesn’t my lower back know by now that I could buy 5 sessions of pole practice with the amount of cash needed for the 1-hour massage that it takes for me to keep it happy?! Geezuz!

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6 Responses to The hidden costs of pole dancing

  1. Billie says:

    Hahaha i feel you’re pain!! I’ve been seeing my osteopath once every 4-5 weeks for the last 3 years. It’s expensive but worth every penny, keeps my body in check so hopefully my body won’t be to stuffed up when I get older!

  2. Angela says:

    I just mentioned this elsewhere. You’d think we’re rich, but really we just eat Mac ‘N’ Cheese a lot! Man, does it all add up fast.

  3. Sounds like your pole classes are better priced than ours! A one hour massage would probably get you three classes or half a one on one with a regular instructor! That was one of my deciding factors for taking a break from classes – the fact that it was costing more than my already bloated gym membership each month just to pole…..

  4. Cayce says:

    HAHAHA!! So true!! You crack me up, Chwenny. While I don’t have a physical therapist or osteopath, I do go see my chiropractor (dad) on a regular basis to fix my various achy joints, and I really miss my massage therapist!

  5. you’re so lucky you can see a massage therapist as often as you are! Even though it could be money better spent on shoes.

  6. kab0129 says:

    So true! I love this post.

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