…and Piking!!!

Hells Yeah!!

Well in my last post, I said I would try piking up again with a crashmat and a good strong friend or two behind me, and so I did.

Last Thursday I went for pole practice with a friend from inter 1 to help her with inverting. I had intended to go easy on myself and save my energy for Friday and Saturday, but since my yoga pal & trusted pole mentor V was also practicing at the studio with a friend of hers, I thought I’d ask for a little help from them with my pike.

(and btw thanks guys for the encouragement and advice!)

So I tried to pike up from Jamilla with V spotting me, but once I got up, panic struck again and my legs started subconsciously trying to get into an ankle grab with my arms still clinging on and trying not to flatten out.

V explained that I mustn’t shift my legs at all since it’s just my butt that’s supposed to move back, and while I completely understood what she meant, I just couldn’t translate it to my body! So I wrote it off for another time.

Then on Friday, I stayed for another practice session with some buddies after our tech 2 class. It was unusually crowded and we all had to share poles, but it turns out that sharing poles works quite well when everyone is working on different tricks.

I was in a good mood after getting confident with the hands-free Maxi, so I rode on the high and dragged out a crash mat to try piking up again, with my girl Miss Folly spotting and encouraging me.

And this time I got it! After the initial uncertainty, I realized that I actually do have enough strength to securely hold myself up. And that made all the difference in dissolving (most of) my fears about crashing on my head, because it gave me enough courage to straighten my legs! And from there, it literally wasn’t too much of a stretch to extend my other leg back into DVD Cover!

(Too bad the corner I was in didn’t have enough space for me to fully extend my leg without it getting blocked a wall or the big pile of crash mats stacked next to it.)

It still needs lots of work of course, and coming down nicely in a proper Jamilla is still another matter… but I can pike up!! And even take one leg off! So who cares if it’s ugly, cos now I can work on it and pretty it up later!

I did it a couple more times just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and I even managed to hold it long enough to have the above photo captured as evidence! Nevermind that it’s a fail-pic cos my extended leg is stuck on the wall.

Me and my trusty crashmat

Buoyed by that success and the crash mat under me, I did another Caterpillar Climb and since it felt very secure, I tried letting go of my legs and managed to open them into a V with my hips still leaning on the pole. Not sure what that’s called. Does anyone know?

Despite all the new-found strength and confidence, I still can’t Tammy or Superman to save my life yet. But it was still a great practice session and I’m going to do one every Friday after tech 2 from now on.

So if you want to come join me, you know where I’ll be!

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9 Responses to …and Piking!!!

  1. krissykiki says:

    congrats on the progress!! 🙂

  2. MissBeth says:

    Huge congrats, very impressive! We know that as an Ayesha. Have started that recently myself and very glad to have strong spotters!

    Keep it up! Happy poling!


  3. Black Orchid says:

    Looks like you’re getting close to Ayesha, once you get your body a little further away from the pole. Congrats on the progress!!!

  4. Frances says:

    Am absolutely LOVING your blog! 🙂 I’m at Bobbi’s Perth and just started it last term and am now in the middle of Inter 1. Completely addicted and every night I go to sleep dreaming about when I will be able to do a human flag pole (HAHA!). It’s so good to know there’s someone else out there who also has a fear of going upside down but who has slowly conquered it! 🙂

    • Chwenny says:

      Hi and welcome! 🙂 I’m always happy to hear from other Bobbi’s girls too! I’m sure you’ll be flag-poling before you know it, although I sure can’t yet either ;p

  5. Cayce says:

    That’s a Forearm grip Aysha!! If you can shift into an elbow grip and pull your butt further away from the pole, it will make it MUCH easier to hold yourself up! CONGRATULATIONS ON BOTH THESE NEW MOVES CHWENNY! I wish I was there to cheer for you and hug you! ^_^
    (you can also get into a Split Grip Aysha from your newly conquered PIKE position! Just V your legs (straddle with your feet TOWARD the POLE, not the ceiling!) instead of hooking and dropping one back into a DVD Cover/Ext. Butterfly. :D)

  6. cindy says:

    Congrats on getting the two moves!! The last picture is what we call ‘hanging side split’ in the studio and is taught in prep adv class. so…will I be seeing you at prep adv soon? 😀

    • Chwenny says:

      Oh, prep adv I wish… but my Candy is just not happening!!! I can only bring my knees up to my chest while my butt doesn’t move away from the pole.. grrr…

      But still happy about all the rest for now! At this rate at least I won’t be completely floored when I finally get to prep 🙂

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