Happiness is… a straight-leg inversion!!

Another ‘Yay!’ moment 🙂

Last night I got my first pull-up V with one leg extended straight!!! I’m so incredibly happy now! *Jumps around*

Okay, so it wasn’t from a climb yet, and I wasn’t wearing heels, and it was right at the beginning of class… But for the first time ever, I managed to keep my inside leg straight!!!

But I forgot to try it from a climb until the next class started and I had already put shoes on. Between being way more tired and having heels on, I couldn’t keep my leg straight anymore and my feet actually flexed. (Nooooo!!!)

Note to self: When it comes to trying new stuff, to do it right at the start of class when you’ve got the energy, and not the end of class when you’re all tired out. Also, don’t allow your pole euphoria to  overcome your rationale!

Whenever I leave the studio on Mondays I always feel that I won’t be able to handle waiting 4 days for my next pole class and always want to come back the very next day.

But Tuesday is my yoga and pilates day, where I do a session of hot pilates with intensive core work followed by a session of stretch yoga for flexibility. And Wednesday is my weekly group running day with my husband and our running buddies.

And by Thursday I need a break!

Then before I know it, Friday’s rolled around and it’s time for tech 2 again. Yay! And then I try to restrain myself from going nuts on the weekend… Cos last Saturday I effectively wiped myself out by staying from 12pm – 4pm doing inter 3, inter slap, beginner slap, and tech 1, and was just exhausted the next day.

I blame it on week one enthusiasm from being newly back on the all-you-can-pole promo!

Seriously though, mixing up my week with non-pole stuff has helped a lot. The whole reason why I didn’t sign up for the pole promo last terms was so I could build some much needed strength and stamina off the pole before coming back to it full swing, and it’s paid off tremendously so far.

So tonight I will be a good girl and resist the temptation to skip out on pilates & yoga for another round of tech 2.

…I’ll just be dreaming of more straight-leg inversions from now til Friday!

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5 Responses to Happiness is… a straight-leg inversion!!

  1. Angela says:

    Congrats on the straight leg! Girl, you are a machine – that is way too much exercise for me and I am so happy for anyone who can pull it off!

  2. krissykikik says:

    awesome!!! Can’t wait to see a video of it 🙂

  3. Cayce says:

    YAYYYYY!!!! I’m so happy for you!!! (Got any tips for me? :P) And yes, always do the new/hardest stuff FIRST!! I was so tired at the end of my workout with Samantha yesterday I couldn’t even do a fireman spin properly! (And we didn’t even do Iron X’s yesterday…)

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