A project lefty progress update

Just checking which hand is my left one

It’s been a while now since I started actively training on my weak, non-dominant left side.

I started out around with extremely awkward climbs and spins, and moved onto even more awkward basic inverts and handstands.

At one point last year I was doing regular techniques 1 classes entirely on my left side, which got me up to the basic inter-1 combo: Spin Climb, Pole Sit, Layout, Hello Boys and a decent push-off dismount.

Then after I got the straight-leg layback (Crossed Ankle Release), crossing my legs over the other way wasn’t too bad either.

Now, I’d say my left side is probably up to an inter 2 level.

I’ve been doing loads of lefty tuck chopper inverts and lots of pull-ups for strengthening, just holding a straight plank for as long as I can. And I actually managed to do a few still-clumsy pull-up V inverts last Friday during pole practice! Next, to get proper aerial inverts on lefty.

Lately I’ve also been trying to get into a few inter 3 moves from lefty Gemini. So far Cupid is the easiest, since the arm holding the pole is my strong arm! Half-star is pretty stable too, and I’m working on the Jamilla (side V) dismount which is still a little shaky.

I haven’t tried doing any Gemini to Scorpio Fold-overs though, since I just don’t have enough confidence for a lefty Hip Hold yet and I really don’t want to end up falling on my ass.

But beyond simply wanting to be ambidextrous on the pole, the bigger reason I’ve been training on my left is that I feel a real need to work and balance out the muscles on the left side of my body. Especially as the combos get more intense. Plus it feels good to see the strength in my left arm slowly increase too!

Everything still feels more awkward on lefty, so I guess my main goal is to eventually reach a point where it all feels natural on either side. I know that’s actually quite ambitious, so it’s more of a (very) long term goal.

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to just increase my left arm’s strength!

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4 Responses to A project lefty progress update

  1. Angela says:

    Love this! Are you doing some on your right side too, just for practice, or all lefty all the time? I’m thinking I should do like 10% righty or something just to keep balanced and keep the muscle memory. Not sure. Thoughts?

  2. KiKi says:

    I find it so hard to train both sides. Its not always a strength issue either. I find that my left side is just less coordinated. It takes me forever to teach my muscles how to do moves on the left. But I will keep plugging away.

  3. Cayce says:

    I’m a real stickler about this. Whenever I learn a new move, I ALWAYS do it on both sides at least twice to get the feel of it down. After that, I usually do it on the side that feels more comfortable, but I still try to switch it up and practice on my “bad” side, too. Imbalanced muscles can cause real problems with your body, and isn’t it thrilling to know you can do things on both sides? It’s liberating – once I’m in the air and want to move from one move to another, it’s nice to not be limited by what side I’m on. 🙂 Bravo, Chwenny – Keep it up!!

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