Pole dancing on Facebook, part 2

A couple months ago, I wrote about Pole dancing on Facebook, and how I’d quite successfully ‘come out’ on Facebook as a big, honking pole addict.

Well I recently went ahead and created an entirely separate Facebook Page for my blog.

No, it’s not that I suddenly want to keep my pole dancing away from my Facebook profile… It’s that I suddenly realized that I could have my own private pole-exclusive haven on Facebook!

(Yes I’m totally tech-tarded for taking this long to see the light. And no, I didn’t even figure it out all by myself… a good friend had to suggest it to me!)

I also know I’m late on the bandwagon, and yes, that Facebook’s introduced some funky new restrictions to Facebook Pages, but still… I feel just like a kid who just got their own room after years of sharing with siblings!

Anyway, I used to think that having a dedicated Facebook Blog Page was only for ‘professional’ bloggers, and not small-fry bloggers like me. So I happily wore my pole dancing heart on my Facebook account, except.. well the fact is, I still have some friends who just don’t get ‘the whole pole thing’ and there are also times that even I don’t feel like seeing my own pole pics on my news feed. 

So a Facebook blog page is the perfect place where I can post all the photos and blog posts I want without hesitation. Even the dorky ones of me in my living room messing around on my pole, haha! And this way I don’t have to subject my non-pole friends to (too much) pole stuff.

I don’t plan to completely sanitize my Facebook profile from pole-related posts of course, but I’ll probably be moving most of them over to my new Facebook blog page. Just saying.

So far I only invited a couple of friends on Facebook to ‘Like’ it cos I’d rather not bother anyone who’d rather not be part of this part of my life. But if you don’t mind seeing my random pole photos and musings, then feel free to ‘Like’ Chwennyland on Facebook 🙂

And thanks a lot if you have already!

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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2 Responses to Pole dancing on Facebook, part 2

  1. Billie says:

    Ahh I have one too!! I acutally didn’t know how to make the most of it until the other day when someone else was asking for help with theirs so I did some investigating. I keep getting confused about using facebook as my “page” or my actual “profile” haha

    • Chwenny says:

      Haha, me too! I just use it to post pretty much all of my pole-related stuff now instead of putting it up on my personal profile. Good luck with MPD btw!!

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