38, 40, 45, 50… they’re such Poles apart

50, 45, 40

So I finally got to try the 40mm brass X-Pole at my pole buddy Miss Folly’s place.

And it is Awesome! I’d say it’s the closest pole to the 38mm ones we use at Bobbi’s, though my hands can still feel a teensy difference in the width.

I gotta admit, for a while there I had a case of sudden pole envy!

But I consider my 45mm fatty a ‘training pole’ to practice tricks on at home, and the slim 38mm’s at the studio to be ‘performance poles’ to do routines on because training on my wider pole at home makes everything easier once I go back to the studio.

Like my lefty inverts. After struggling to do them on 45mm, they feel much lighter on 38mm, even with heels on.

Then there’s the fact that the girls I know who have been trained on a 45mm (or even 50mm) are mad crazy strong.

I too eventually want to learn static pole again at a different studio, but the other pole studios here teach static on 45mm and 50mm. In chrome too, which is way more slippery to grip.

And the last thing I want is to walk into a different studio as a new girl and not be able to do anything on their poles! So its great to have a 45mm to practice on. Good thing I’m not planning to take those static classes just yet. So I’ve still got time to train up my grip strength.

I personally think that when it comes to grip difficulty, its pole width that makes the most difference, and not the finish of the metal. Given a choice, I’d much rather dance on a 40mm chrome pole than a 50mm brass pole.

So pole envy or not, my good old 45mm is still the best middle ground for me. Even though I must say… the new 40mm brass X-Pole is hella sexy!

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2 Responses to 38, 40, 45, 50… they’re such Poles apart

  1. KiKi says:

    I want a new pole sooo badly. I have a 50mm chrome and its great for starting out but i can tell that i would benefit from a brass or TG finish and a smaller pole. But even if I bought another pole I think that i would keep my 50mm chrome as its always good to have multiple poles!

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