Cleaning up.. in Private

A little privacy, please.

(No, this isn’t another post about trimming your personal hedges! haha…)

Over a month ago during our regular post-class supper session, I told my pole-buddy Annie about how I did an accidental private class last year, and how all my basic moves got cleaned up and ‘pretty-fied’ in that one hour alone.

It was taught by our current inter 3 instructor who also happens to be last year’s Miss Pole Dance Singapore champion: She who moves with liquid grace and has no qualms stopping you mid-move and making you start over if you didn’t point your toes.

So we agreed it would be a good idea to share a private class and get our asses kicked together our inter 3 moves cleaned up.

The only problem was that we’d scheduled it right before techniques 2 class, which already kills me. But such is life…

During our private class, we worked on all the trick combos in the routine and basically got called out on everything that we do sloppily. There’s nowhere to hide during a private class, and especially so when your instructor has eyes as sharp as a highly-trained hunting eagle’s.

She identified the root of our respective pull-up-V fumbles, had us arching and pointing for basic moves in completely new directions, got me inverting with far more ease and grace, and also amazingly helped Annie get her first successful elbow stand with her first guided correction! And in the last 5 minutes of the session too.

Girl’s been working on the elusive elbow stand for years, so it’s kind of a big deal. As for me, I feel like the spot-on correction of my inverts alone was worth it, and everything else is a happy bonus.

So yeah, private classes. They’re pricey but so worth it!

(This might be an actual problem though, seeing as how I already spend more than enough money at the studio as it is. But at least sharing makes it a somewhat viable option.)

After that, we stayed on for tech 2 where I got a hands-free Maxi (yay!)  but completely failed at pretty much everything else.

The back of my left leg already felt like I’d skinned it doing the Maxi, but it was more torture to come with gemini into Superman. As I tried to transition into it, I almost didn’t notice myself shouting, ‘HOLY F*cking GAWD!!’.

I swear, (no pun intended)  it just spontaneously slipped out!

Oh well. I’ve come to realise that the first time doing a class at a new level always feel like torture, so I’m just going to take things easy with all everything I can’t do yet.

After all, they’re mostly Prep Advanced tricks, and I’ve only just gotten comfortable in inter 3. So the Tammy and DVD cover can wait, along with all the superman transitions that give me sudden Tourettes Syndrome.

And if all else fails, there’s now the super-tempting option of eventually doing private classes for them…

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6 Responses to Cleaning up.. in Private

  1. Angela says:

    YES! To pretty much all of that.

  2. cindy says:

    After reading your post, im sorely tempted to book a private lesson too-only thing is i need to find someone to share the cost! You hit the nail when you mentioned that starting a new level feels like torture, ive been feeling like downgrading myself 0o

  3. originalribenababy says:

    There were times there would just be me and another girl at class – but I always found that made our instructor a lot less motivated to teach rather than us benefitting from real one on one time… Maybe it was just the tutor…

    That was what always put me off specifically booking ‘private time’. Whether the instructor would take the piss because we were almost on a ‘friends’ basis.

    • Chwenny says:

      Oh dear, she doesn’t sound very professional! Whenever that happens, my instructors take the opportunity to really work us. Makes all the difference indeed, even though they are on quite a ‘friends’ level with most of us. I’m very grateful for it

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