…Beautiful blogger?! …Me?!

Omg, you guys!!!

Every now and then when I’m surfing other people’s blogs, I stumble across a blog award or two. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word ‘award’, I think of ‘Academy’ like, The Oscars.

I used to wonder what this mysterious blog institution was that was handing out all these nice awards, and who was on the judging panel. But mostly I wondered how a blog qualifies to receive an award.

Cos, you know… just wondering right!

Well, I got my question (and wish) answered recently. Apparently, someone nominates you, and you nominate someone else. Kinda like a big happy game of Tag on the internet!

Anyway, I just got awarded… *drumroll please* …The Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely Queenish from I’m Pole-ing and I love it! Yay!

I had a whole acceptance speech prepared with a list of people to thank for my inherent beautiful-blogger-ness: from my bikini waxer, down to the lady whom I buy false eyelashes from in bulk. But then I realised that there might actually be a protocol for these things, so I Googled ‘Beautiful Blog Award’ and made 2 important discoveries:

1) There is a protocol for receiving a blog award. But more on that in a bit.

2) There’s a whole list of blog awards available that you can send to other bloggers! Fo’ Shizzle! Check it out here.

There’s awards for being funny, sexy, clever, insightful, the best speller (sure aint gonna get that one), most kitten-friendly (I kid you not), and my personal favourite, The Medal of Awesomeness, among quite a few others.

Besides the feel-good stuff, you can also just send over: A Mid-Air High Five, A Bunch of Beer, A Pair of Clean Underpants, or Large Quantities of Porn.

Now this is an awesome blog button..

For haters, there’s options too. Choose from: A Karate Kick to the Groin, The Snarkiness Award, A Dead Cockroach, or if you’re going all-out, why not just send A Fast-Moving Pig Who Farts Jet Fuel.

Did I mention that they all come with their own badge that you can put on your blog? 😀

Anyway, back to the Beautiful Blogger Award receiving protocol.

The rules are: 1) Acknowledge the person who awarded you with it

2) Post 7 random things about yourself, and

3) Award 7 other people with it and make the internet a happier place

So thanks again, to the adorable Queenish! 

And here we go with 7 random things you never needed to know about me:

“World Peace!”

1) From ages 4 – 7, my life’s ambition was to grow up and become Miss Universe.

2) My first experience of getting crushed by the heartbreaking reality of life came at age 8, when I realized that my dream was never going to happen.

3) I occasionally get 2 seperately recurring nightmares: #1: That The Big Maths Exam is TODAY and no one reminded me to study for it. *Arrrgh!!* #2: That I’m tiptoeing around barefoot in a filthily gross public toilet. *Arrrgh!!*

4) I’m really not sure which is more disturbing.

5) Okay, I think the dirty toilet wins.

6) The first CD I ever bought was Madonna’s Bedtime Stories.

Not my fave veggies

7) I hate eating Ladies Fingers cos they’re slimy, and I just googled and found out that they’re actually called Okra. Wtf!

And finally…

I’d like to award The Beautiful Blogger Award to the following 7 bloggers:

1) John Corrigan Whom I think has a beautiful soul.

Also, he was my very first blog subscriber back when I still didn’t know people could subscribe to my blog!

2) Lolorashel from Confessions of a Twirly Girl Who I think is Beautiful, despite all her rants about size.

Just wait til you see the rest of her

3) Roswell Ivory a writer and nude fetish model in the U.K who does sexy, Strappy outfits like very few can. Also, a luscious redhead. Nuff said!

4) No Sex and The City Who is possibly the last remaining virgin in NYC above the age of 18. She also loves horses and has educated me to humanely avoid the horse carriages if I ever visit the big apple.

5) Amanda Nissen 15-year-old screenwriter, director, and deliciously androgynous shape-shifter with blue saucers for eyes. Her favourite movie is Chunking Express. How not to adore her?

Stock-photo babies grow up to look like this

6) The lovely Yumeko from Bitten Before Shares about life in Tokyo and all things kawaii. Culture, food, shopping and the next best thing to living in my favourite city!

7) The Muse from Musings of A Muse The best beauty blog out there, hands down. I have no idea how she manages to live and breathe cosmetics with such ferocity, but she does. With great humour to boot!

Realistically, I don’t think most of them will even know (or care) about my nomination, but do check out their blogs when you have a moment. They’re all beautiful.

Alright, That’s all folks! 🙂

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1 Response to …Beautiful blogger?! …Me?!

  1. Alright so this is really late, but I just found it. I’m really glad you like me and my blog haha! Oh, and shape-shifter might be the first thing to be on my future business card. Thanks!

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