So much Pain, so little Gain…

The mini-crater

Ugh! Where the hell have I been in the past 10 days, already? Getting my ass kicked by work and pole, that’s where!

Besides accidentally ripping the skin off my right palm for the first time last Friday during tech 2, I didn’t feel like anything exciting or new was happening with my pole practice. That’s my excuse, anyway.

But the truth is, besides being plain old uninspired, I’ve just been foolishly waiting and hoping to find a new trick to successfully conquer so I can feel awesome about myself.

Not going to happen anytime soon if my new tech 2 class is anything to go by…

Techniques 2 is all about the higher-level tricks, and I’m by far the weakest link in my class. So weak that it’s kinda embarrassing.

How so?

Well, for the past three lessons straight we’ve been learning the Tammy, and I still can’t even push past the PAIN between my inner thighs to let go of my hands and arch into the actual pose, let alone twist to push out of it.

Frustrating, much?! It’s such a pretty transition and I really want to get it, but *aaaarghhhh!* it feels like my thighs are getting pinched by a hundred angry school teachers at the same time!

Meanwhile, even though everyone else in class moans about the skin burn, they’re all twisting and pushing in and out of the Tammy with relative ease.

Makes me feel like the village idiot!

I know, I know, comparing with other people is the path that leads straight to pole dancing purgatory.

On a brighter note, my aerial invert has improved by leaps and bounds! Meaning, it’s not as ugly as it used to be, and I can do it consistently now. So yay for that!

Also, now at least I know that the skin on our hands really grows at an astonishingly fast rate even when callouses get ripped off in a whole chunk… But that doesn’t stop it from stinging like a b*tch in the shower!

After last night’s recurrent failure class, I figured something must be wrong with my right leg hang and resolved to practice it at home today like a good girl.

Except that I felt pooped and took a nap instead. Gah! So much for committing to my practice! But I believe in listening to the body, and if she wants to rest, she wants to rest.

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to. Struggling and sleeping off my sorrows!

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8 Responses to So much Pain, so little Gain…

  1. Jaime Smith says:

    Sorry your having a tough week!! Seems like that has happened to me too. I have no energy and I’m not inspired by anything. I even napped after my workout friday morning instead of doing laundry that desperately needed to be done. *sigh*

  2. Debs says:

    I feel the exact same way about my “Superman”!! Thighs burn like a bitch whenever I prep for the trick and I barely last 2 secs on the pole. I shudder to think about performance week! 😛

    You need to teach me pull-up V! Some days, I get into it with ease, others, I flop in half way and then I sink back down to the ground!

  3. Hun we all get like that – and you’re soooo brilliant that undoubtedly you will be back in good form v soon! Hey is the Tammy what I would call a straight-leg hang? That is, you invert, twist round to face the pole and take one leg off so you’re gripping with the very tops of your thighs? If so, maybe you could try WITH YOUR HANDS ON!! swinging the leg that you’re taking off out to the side, then regripping it at the top of the thigh, rather than sliding it down. That will stop the slidey burn? But please please try this with hands on first (or in a handstand position) because you’ll lose all grip with your legs while you’re swinging it out haha! And it would be a shame for you to fall on your head!

    • Chwenny says:

      @halfheartedgymjunkie: Yes, sounds like it! But they’re kinda sticky about doing it the same specific way its taught at the studio. Thx for the tip tho, I’ll try that for now, as well as avoid the falling on head! :p

      @Debs: The pull-up V is largely strength-dependant. Some days it’s harder for me too… If only there was pole prac after inter 3 and before inter 2!

  4. Cayce says:

    Don’t despair Chwenny!! You’ll get there! You can also put a little grip on the insides of your thighs to help with the sliding. It will still pull, but will help with the sliding. Also, don’t remove your hands until you’re comfortable with your leg grip. You’ll get there!! I can bust out Marleys and Supermans but still have issues with a stinkin’ Scorpio (Inside Leg Hang) because I can’t seem to get the pole far enough down my thigh and it just HURTS SO MUCH. You will get there! Be patient while your skin toughens up!

  5. starfire1712 says:

    Hi Chwenny..I saw the like that you left on my poem..Thank you..I have just posted up a spoken word video of it as well..came to mind the other your blog..especially this post..some of the professionals make it look so easy..but having now had my very first try at pole fitness..i truly realise it isn’t..mind you it didn’t help that the trial session i had was an intermediate level one..i needed a beginners one really..but that hasn’t put me off trying something i have wanted to do for a while when i get the opportunity..funds permitting..i shall continue..but i’ll make sure it is at beginners level next time….

  6. Grace says:

    Don’t worry, I am also an village idiot; still haven’t nail the tammy and not even close! Just keeping trying and bite through the pain, I will do the same too 🙂

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