10 questions with Cleo The Hurricane

I can’t believe it took me 3 whole days to work up the courage just to ask Cleo for this interview! I waited until the very last minute when she literally didn’t have time to talk as she was leaving for Hong Kong soon. So I emailed her and really didn’t expect anything since she’s traveling for her tour, but she replied within a few hours! Girl really is a hurricane…

1) So… How does it feel to be MPD Australia?

It feels amazing!!!!!!!  Hard work definitely pays off 🙂

2) What was the journey like to winning the title?

The journey was lots of fun and hard work, but still fun! I love getting creative and coming up with chorey, costumes, music, theme etc.. the journey, I think was the best bit about winning. After I won I had a bit of post-competition depression coz I felt like that was it, it was over.. but now I’m already thinking about next year.

3) Do you ever get stuck or uninspired?

Yes I’ve lost my ‘pole mojo’ before… I think when life is 100% pole it tends to get a little bit much at times and I can become uninspired and lose motivation.. That’s why I have other things to balance it out a bit like music.. seeing bands, writing, playing etc. Also some of my good friends are in the pole world but I also have friends who aren’t.. It’s all about balance really!

4) Any tips on training for competitions?

–          Eat clean, train hard but not too hard so you burn out..

–          Don’t train 1 week prior to comp unless it’s practicing routine, have your routine sorted a month before..

–          Try and be creative with tricks/combo. Make them a challenge and practice each combo separately, then practice routine in full at least a couple times… (some people practice their routine in full several times.. I probably should but I don’t haha! I’d be lucky to do it once to be honest)

–          Practice the routine with your costume on..

ummm that’s about it!!! just important not to burn yourself out!

5) How did you become so mad flexy?

I have a theory, because I was never this flexible!! I only got my middle splits 2 years ago. About 2.5 years ago I had a strength coach and we did hardcore weight training once a week. When you do intense weight training you’re basically tightening your muscles. I did this for about 6 months. Then I stopped and started teaching 2 flex classes a week. My flex classes are really intense with about 300 kicks in the warmup.  (300 kicks?? Seriously?!!) Then PNF stretching (contract relax then stretching it out further) and holding splits for at least 90 seconds. After 2 months I got my middle splits. So I believe for me, it was a combination of these things or just pure luck! But I’ve been teaching my flex classes for a while now and see a lot of girls of all ages make so much improvement with their splits. So, lots of kicks, static stretching, PNF stretching and holding splits for at least 90seconds – 2mins.

6) Any embarrassing performance moments?

Hmmmm.. maybe a boob coming out here and there.. not sure, can’t really think of anything!! Actually I wish I could do my MPD routine from last year over again. I wasn’t embarrassed but upset coz my show had so much to do with the lighting and spinning pole.. my pole got stuck and the lighting guy didn’t give me what I wanted, and to get the full effect of the lasers and costume the lighting had to be perfect.

7) Any favourite thing you love to teach?

I love teaching advanced tricks!

8) Which moves did you struggle with when you were first learning?

The superman took me FOREVER to get. It hurt soooo much!

9) What advice do you have for new pole beginners?

Don’t be afraid of heavy metal. Don’t be afraid of heels.. They make it so much more fun and make your legs look way longer!

10) Tell us about your upcoming “hell On Heels” tour with Alethea Austin..

I’m touring with my pole idol for a couple of months going all around Canada and US. it’s gonna be fun and hopefully we’ll get up to lots of trouble!!! Alethea and I get along really well, plus we have the same taste in everything! BUT our pole styles are completely different so it’s kinda perfect!!! She came to Sydney for MPD Australia and we talked about it then and now it’s happening!!!

Well if you get the chance to do a workshop with the very sexy and flexy duo, go for it! It’ll be hell on heels for sure…

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1 Response to 10 questions with Cleo The Hurricane

  1. So killer you got to do a workshop with her. she sounds amazing and just made me feel better about my awful superman pains!

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