Here’s what you missed at Miss Pole Dance South East Asia 2012!

Bobbi with Sueann, Sue-Anne & Annie. Aka ‘The Sue-Ann-ie sandwich’ Photo by Miss Folly

What a weekend it’s been! I got to meet my pole Idols Bobbi, Cleo, and Chilli, do workshops, interviews, and watch one of my instructors win the title of Miss Pole Dance South-East Asia!

On Saturday night, Avalon was the place to be. Situated right on the water at the beautiful Marina Bay Sands, the upscale club was the perfect location for the competition.

Since MPD is the studio’s biggest event of the year, I was a little worried that it would be too crowded because I really wanted to have a good view of the contestants as they took to the stage. But I didn’t have to worry, thanks to my friend and inter 3 classmate Annie, who scored us the best spot in the house… right behind the judges!

Spot my gold bag and Annie cheering in the background behind the judges seats!                                                                                     Photo by Nudge Photography

I managed to take videos of every performer with my little iPhone, but the sound quality on it is terrible. And the 3GS doesn’t have a built-in flash so taking photos was out of the question. Fortunately, the very talented Noel from Nudge Photography was official photographer that night, and he gave me his kind permission to use his photos. You can drool over the gorgeous full set on his Facebook page. The show opened with a lovely surprise.. Chilli Rox, instructor from Bobbi’s Sydney (and the emcee for the night) singing a cabaret number! No one had any idea she was such a good singer… Then she hopped on the pole for a bit, and finished off with a very naughty burlesque striptease number.

Chilli Rox. Photo by Nudge Photography

Peekaboo, everyone! Photo by Nudge Photography

After her opening number, it was time for the contestants to hit the stage, starting with BPS instructor Vivienne, aka Poppi Diamond. Her flexibility class is the reason I can do a front split on my good side now. (Thanks Viv!) I also heard that she dedicated her MPD performance to her dog. How can you not love that?!

Vivienne, aka Poppi Diamond. Photo by Nudge Photography

Next up was fellow BPS instructor, Naoko.  She’s been teaching the advanced classes at Bobbi’s Singapore fo a long time, so when she got on stage the sound of cheers from her screaming fans just hit the roof. After this, I’m also pretty sure her classes will be even more fully booked than they already are! She did a flawlessly executed routine to “Circus” by Britney..

Naoko Enomoto. Photo by Nudge Photography

So, it’s really no wonder that she took home the grand prize of Miss Pole dance South East Asia 2012! Here she is again with the other winners. Left to right: Naoko Enomoto from Singapore, 2nd place winner Ana-Marie from the Philippines, 3rd place winner Nika from Japan, and Best-Dressed winner Felina from Japan.

Another treat was the intermission performance by yet another of BPS’s advanced instructors, Lena. She did a beautiful aerial silks performance that was totally unexpected. (and made my hands sweat cos I was so nervous watching her twirl around high in mid-air with no safety net in sight!)

Lena Grzegolec. Photo by Nudge Photography

Dressed all in white with the swirling white silks, she looked like an angel in the air! I once asked her which is harder: silk or pole? Her answer: “Silks, by far!

A fallen angel. Photo by Nudge Photography

Another ‘angelic’ moment was when our final BPS instructor Steph, took to the stage for her lyrical number. I loved her floaty blue outfit, and most of all how it draped perfectly over her legs during her final pose.

Steph Javellana. Photo by Nudge Photography

Okay, okay, I know all the photos are of BPS contestants so far… so, not to be biased, here’s the super-sexy Melody Rose from Hong Kong. She used to train at Bobbi’s in Sydney and recently opened her own studio, Melody Pole Studio in Hong Kong. I had a chance to watch her during Bobbi’s SLAP and Pole Grooves workshop and I tell you, I could not peel my eyes off her cos she is sohawt when she dances!

Melody Rose. Photo by Nudge Photography

What I really loved about watching the competition was the variety of different styles. The contestants from overseas all had very distinctly unique styles of dancing. Second place winner Ana Marie from the Philippines did a really power-packed performance, busting out shoulder mounts and death-defying drops everywhere. Andshe can break dance. In heels!

Ana Marie. Photo by Nudge Photography

Besides the lovely Japanese contestant Koharu (below), both 3rd place winner Nika, and Best-dressed winner Felina also represented Japan.

Koharu. Photo by Nudge Photography

Nika did a dramatic, tango-esque rendition of Roxanne from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Love the song and love that movie!

Nika. Photo by Nudge Photography

And just take a look at how dramatic Best Dressed winner Felina’s costume was! So Lady Gaga.. she actually did her first combo on the pole in that entire getup, before stripping it off.

Felina. Photo by Nudge Photography

After all the contestants did their thing, there was still one last performance left that everyone was waiting for… Who else but the reigning champion of Miss Pole Dance Australia, Cleo The Hurricane?

Cleo. Photo by Nudge Photography

And that’s how you do a good hair flip! Photo by Nudge Photography

Once again, ALL of these beautiful photos were taken by the wonderful Noel of Nudge Photography. He’s the same guy responsible for the pole pics on my blog banner right on top.

Besides pole, he does loads of other shoots too. So contact him to do your pole/ wedding/ anniversary/ newborn baby/ other important life event photos, already! 😉

Oh, and I did mention earlier that I got the chance to have a chat with Bobbi and ask her all the things I’ve been dying to know about her, right?

Seriously, you have no idea how stoked I am that she agreed to an interview! I’m still putting it together, and frankly there’s a LOT to get through..

So stay tuned for The Bobbi Interview that’s coming soon. (I promise!) In the meantime, here’s the highlights video of MPD SEA 2012, taken by The New Paper: Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Here’s what you missed at Miss Pole Dance South East Asia 2012!

  1. Babe, thank you VERY MUCH for the update and how did Chili get away with that????
    *eyes pop**I could’nt be there due to a family event (which was very very hard to get out of – boo) and this is the next best thing to finding out what happened. Great pics – Noel. CAn’t wait for the Bobbi interview!!!!

    • Chwenny says:

      You’re so most welcome!! 🙂 Lol, my eyes popped too when she peeled off her bottoms and revealed her thong! Only Chilli could get away with that…

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