Guess who’s coming to town tomorrow..?!

So the studio is gonna be shut for a week starting tomorrow for the annual Miss Pole Dance competition, which happens on Saturday.

I’m really looking forward to it as usual, but I’m WAY more excited about the workshops that are happening too.

Cos Bobbi herself will be here, and this year she’s bringing both the fabulous Chilli Rox with her, And… *drumroll please!* The reigning champion of Miss Pole Dance Australia, Cleo the Hurricane!!

When I first saw Cleo’s winning routine on Youtube, I was dumbstruck. The little voice in my head kept going, ‘Omg, is that even possible!?’ As I watched her doing crazy splits all over the place.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out now. Hell, even if you have, just watch it again. Go on, I’ll wait..

Now for the part where I get to brag announce that her intermediate pole and floor work workshops are both happening tomorrow night and I’m signed up for them!!!

*air-guitar moment!!!*

And I’m also doing Bobbi’s (sold-out) pole grooves workshop on Friday!

I just hope that after 3 hours with Cleo tomorrow, I’ll have enough energy left the next day for Bobbi. Cos it would be really embarrassing if I’m flopping around from fatigue during her workshop.

Last year when Bobbi came down for MPD, she only conducted a few workshops for the Prep-advanced levels and above. But this year with both Chilli and Cleo in tow, there are far more workshops available and they’re open to all levels.

I had to stop myself from signing up for another 3, or I’d be eating instant noodles the whole month. Not to mention that I didn’t want to run myself ragged before the studio re-opens for classes again.

But now on to more important issues… how not to be star-struck?! LoL!

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1 Response to Guess who’s coming to town tomorrow..?!

  1. sexygyrl says:

    It’s very hard NOT to be star-struck. I know the feeling well! Have fun in your workshops 🙂

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