Lingerie lemmings

Who can resist lips on their booties?

It all started innocently enough, with these adorable lipstick and heartsy printed shorts that only cost $8 each. But you know what happens… soon I started thinking about what cute tops I could possibly wear with them.

Then I remembered the adorable H&M lacy bralette top I bought ages ago that was such a cute cut that I had to buy it even though I didn’t even like the color (bright vermillion) and suddenly really wanted it. In black. (Which one of the instructors at the studio actually managed to get! Oh, the torture!) Or fuchsia, or neon purple. And other awesome combos that don’t exist.

So off to the H&M online store it was, (UK, not US! The range is way bigger over there) and there it was: the black lacy bralette top of my dreams… sold out, of course.

Here it is, so everyone knows what it looks like and can buy me the size 38 / 40 if they ever come across it. Mm-hmm, just putting it out there, y’know.. (I’ve already mobilized a faithful girlfriend who lives in London to be on the lookout as I am borderline crazy-obsessive about those little lacy things)

Hello, gorgeous

Sigh. I did manage to find this though:

And the runner-up is...

I got it in both black and grey, although the longer I stare at this photo, the more I like the blue as well. They also have a cute hot-pink one too which I’m trying hard not to think about.

Especially since I just bought more of my favourite lacy french-knicker-looking thongs from Cotton On Body in 5 different colors over the weekend. I have a bad feeling I’m going to somehow end up at La Senza soon too, and then I’ll really be in trouble! Gah!

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  1. Those are so cute!! 😀

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