Nemesis move #1: the aerial invert


It’s been a tough 2 months for me this term, completing my first round of intermediate 3. All the videos that I took of my routine during class have looked quite crappy, something I’ve complained about way too much to my husband.

Of all the new tricks I’ve learned in the past 2 months, the one that I’ve struggled with the most, is ironically the most basic of them all: the aerial invert.

Although it’s a harder version of the pull-up V invert which eluded me for a long time, the aerial invert is now just the entry into most of the trick combos since they need to be done higher up on the pole! (Spin climb up, then flip into chopper invert and go into whatever other move is in the routine.)

It was starting to really annoy me that my aerial inverts looked so awful in every class practice video, so last Sunday I took to the studio with only one mission: to practice the damned thing on it’s own and film what was going so wrong.

So after a warm up, I passed my Phone to a friend and had her film me as I marched up to the nearest pole, climbed it, and flipped into.. the prettiest aerial invert I’ve ever done.

WTF?! So I did it again, this time into a Venus and Worm. (which has improved a bit) No problems again.

Slightly fazed, I took my phone back, put on my heels and went for one more. Still good. Huh! By that point I was starting to get tired but hey, you don’t stop when you’re on a roll right?!

Except that the fourth time I tried, I could no longer flip myself into it with ease anymore and my aerial invert had turned back into the familiar stumbly mess that it usually is during class.

So now I know: I just have very limited energy for it before I run out of steam and it gets ugly. How annoying! *Come on, body! Buck up!!*

Anyway here’s one of the two I filmed:

At least now I can watch and feel like I’m conquering it! But when will I get to the point where every aerial invert looks like that?!

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15 Responses to Nemesis move #1: the aerial invert

  1. Kat says:

    Lovely! Just keep at it girl! Your strength and endurance will build up over time 🙂

  2. Cayce Morgan says:

    I agree with Kat – you will get there!! Just keep working on it. Your body will build up and get stronger, though it may not happen as quickly as you want… And that Aerial V Invert was Beautiful!! I feel your pain- I’m working on building my strength and endurance back up. I probably can’t even do an aerial invert right now. Keep at it! Go, Chwenny, Go!! ^_^

    • Chwenny says:

      Thanks, hunnyyyy! Believe me tho, most of the time it looks nothing like that one, lol.. And I wish I could pick things up as easily as you can, miss first-time-trick nailer! 😉

      • Cayce Morgan says:

        It’s beginner’s luck, I swear! I haven’t been able to successfully pull of an Aysha since the first one, LOL! And I could go on about other tricks that are sloppy, but that’s mostly because I’m lazy, don’t go to a studio and probably don’t practice at home as much as I should. But I’m getting back to it, and my tricks will get cleaner. And your aerial invert will get cleaner and more consistent, too! It takes time to build man muscles!! ^_^

  3. cindy says:

    Hey, i stumbled across your post and just wanted to say ‘hello fellow dancer at bps singapore!’ (although i dont think i know you…?)that was a great invert! keep working on it and building up strength by doing daily exercises like push ups, planks etc. That helped me a lot when i first started and i really struggled with my invert for a year before i moved to prep adv. you can do it!!

  4. Debs says:

    Babe! Where did you get the cute $8 shorts from!? You’re always decked in damn awesome gear in the studio lah! Anyway, I totally get what you mean about the aerial V- I feel the same about my pull-up V. Not quite the same I know, but man, I hate the videos I take 😦 Anyway, this is inspiring stuff! Motivates me to work harder at my tricks! See you! 🙂

    • Chwenny says:

      Hey Debs, thanks! Glad it motivates you! 😀 heheh and where else to get $8 shorts but at Bugis Village? Land of cute and cheap pole gear, plus round the corner from the studio… No wonder I buy so much stuff there! *sheepish grin*

      • Debs says:

        I am clearly shopping at the wrong places in Bugis! The stores I go to NEVER ever sell the same gorgeous things that everyone else manages to snag! You need to bring me shopping. I spend way too much on expensive workout gear 😦

      • Chwenny says:

        Okie, let’s go! I could probably conduct tours in that place by now.. LoL

  5. Debs says:

    ONS! I signed up for Thurs’ and Fri’s workshops too!

  6. Black Orchid says:

    Native Singaporean here who poles in San Antoniom TX! When I Was home in September I took a couple of classes at Bobbi’s. I like the way the classes are set up. Next time I hope to be able to take more classes and meet more of you…maybe make it out to Avalon for Amateur Night or one of your shows!

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