As if PMS itself isn’t bad enough

Behold, the breakfast of pms-ing champions!

Having pms really is bad enough, but when I go for class right before that time of the month, everything I do just feels wrong!

Firstly, my energy levels drop to half my normal amount in general. So I’m already feeling drained even before class has begun! Not good.

Then I usually live under a cloud of crankiness that sees me quite irritable, which means I get hyper critical and upset with myself when I can’t pull of my regular moves with ease.

Ant then, I also get super hungry and I have major sugar cravings, so I usually stuff my face with junk food all day. Which really doesn’t do any favors for my already bloated, water-retaining gut. (or improve the irritability)

But it does explain why I practically inhaled a burger and fries from Wendy’s after class last night with the girls! I could even have gone for dessert, but stopped myself.

Ok no, that’s a lie… it’s just that they had already closed the counter by the time I finished eating!

Since it was the last class before performance week, we took videos of each other doing the routine. I was very aware of how sluggish my movements were even as I was dancing it, so I really wasn’t looking forward to watching the playback. The entire routine was a struggle to get through all the combos, and even the floor work felt like swimming in a bowl of jello.

Hello again, poling-on-pms! *Sigh*

At first I would always get really discouraged, wondering how and why I suddenly seemed to regressed overnight, and worrying that I’d somehow lost everything I’ve worked for. But after a while I started to see the pattern and realized that I go through this misery of having a crappy class every month, so I’ve stopped beating myself up for it. (too much)

Still, it sucks to watch myself rolling around the pole like an exhausted sea lion! Ugh..!  At least the logical part of my brain is aware that it’s just temporary.

Think I’ll cheer myself up with more shortbread cookies…

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2 Responses to As if PMS itself isn’t bad enough

  1. e* says:

    “exhausted sea lion” – *LOL* that’s a great image!

    yeah, mine ‘nemesis-day’ is Day 2 of the time of the month. inversions are much harder for me on those days, so usually i just try to avoid having class thatday (or skip them ;p). or otherwise i write the class off anyway… i excuse all inabilities as down to it being ‘Day 2’. 🙂

  2. Nielle says:

    Hahahaha! Yes, exhausted sea lion was hilarious. I have same problems with PMS too. It gets worse nowadays…very emo, depress, frustrated and piss off. I used to think these were excuses, BUT my Chinese doctor told me not to underestimate the effects of PMS and it is in fact the culprit to my sudden dark side and attitude….so now I feel better hahahahah! PMS is a real valid excuse for being anal!!! 😛

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