End of term’s ever-so-slightly-desperate measures

Great, just great..

Killed myself doing three and a half hours at the studio last night. It’s now week 7, which means next week is performance week!

This is the first time I’ll be performing at inter 3 level, and I really want to nail it. So far I’m okay with most of the new trick combos except for the very last one: The Venus (basic butterfly) into worm (caterpillar wave) combo that ends with a chopper dismount into a floor split.

As I’m spinning in it, I try not to think about how my face would directly smash onto the floor if my arms were to suddenly give out, but it’s a big reason why I’ve been having problems with it.

So last night I was determined to conquer that combo and stayed for practice until 11pm. I must say, it was one crowded practice session! Seems like I wasn’t the only one cramming in some last minute pole practice, heheh. Thank goodness too, cos having a lot of friends around raises the energy of the whole room and motivates everyone to get their routines on. Ever tried practicing by yourself in an empty studio at night? It can be quite demoralising.

Alas, I haven’t fully gotten the worm just yet. But I still have the rest of this week.

Aside from all the new tricks, I’m really glad I’ve finally got enough stamina to complete the entire routine! At the beginning of term, I would only be able to do the first half of the routine twice before having to sit the rest of it out, panting like a maniac.

The full routine is just over 3 minutes long and I get tired even before the first 60 seconds is up! By the time we’re at the last trick combo which is the one I struggle with, it’s a mind game just to get myself to do that one last climb into it.

I’m so gonna skip out on my weekly run this Wednesday and go for one last class to iron out that last combo.

Priorities, you know?!




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3 Responses to End of term’s ever-so-slightly-desperate measures

  1. e* says:

    congrats that you’ve gotten enough stamina to complete the routine!
    my stamina is so ghastly poor that i’m panting after a couple of inversions / inverted tricks… (i definitely can’t complete a 3-minute routine with inversions 😦 ) that i’ve decided that i really need to do some cardio!
    i guess your running has helped your stamina 🙂

  2. Nielle says:

    Ouch!!! I know you said they look more painful than it feels, still very OUCH!!!

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