The carnivore awakens

She decided to skip the salad

For almost four years up until last year, I didn’t eat poultry or most other meat, except for seafood. I was never fully vegetarian, but it was close enough for most people to assume that I was.

And once anyone noticed that my meal was made up of mostly greens with no visible meat on it, they would always want to now why. “Is it something religious? ..No?”

Most of them would subsequently assume it was for fitness (fanatic) reasons, and I’d usually just nod and agree. I didn’t want to explain that it was a combination of health, holistic, and compassionate rationale. Dietary choices just have a way of bringing up strange reactions in people, from being defensive to downright hostile.

I did feel much lighter in general, with far less mid-afternoon sluggishness, and the mostly-meatlessness simply felt right for my body (and soul) at the time. Friends would be amazed to know that I’d sit in KFC with my husband and watch him devour a 3-pc fried chicken meal without even wanting a single bite.

But I’d always maintained that if I ever suddenly felt like eating meat again, I would just eat it. No big deal.

Then some time mid last year, the feeling started to creep up on me. One night after pole class when I suddenly really wanted a piece of chicken, I knew it had hit me.

This time, everyone assumed that I just needed more protein because of all the energy I was using up by pole dancing. And again, I mostly nodded and agreed. I even believed it for a while myself.

But after a few months I realized that it really has nothing to do with protein or nutrition. (It’s a little known fact, but dark green leafy vegetables contain all the protein we need. We’ve just been conditioned to believing that we need to get our protein fix from animal sources.)

Anyway I did a little soul-searching and asked myself why I really wanted to eat meat again, and the answer is this: Yes, the pole dancing was catalyst for it but it wasn’t that I needed any more protein.

Don’t laugh, but… it just awakened a slightly more primal energy in me, something that’s also slightly predatory… and that something wanted to eat like a predator again.

And so, I do.

End of story.


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5 Responses to The carnivore awakens

  1. michaela says:

    Although leafy greens and nuts and stuff do have protein in them, they’re not the complete protein (with all the amino acids) that our body needs and can acquire from meat.

    Anywayyy congrats on being an omnivore again! and thanks for not being one of those annoying vegetarians who shove their food choices on to you. I think it’s a bit about respect, and I get so freaked out when vegans or vegos yell at me for being unethical when eating meat. I respect their choice to not eat meat (and probably be nutrient deficient since many of them haven’t properly researched nutrition and dietary requirements), respect my choice to eat it when I feel like it!
    I think you’re pretty sensible to just listen to what your body is asking for. ”

    anyway, loveeee your blog!!

  2. Sorry. I laughed! 😉 Anytime you want to eat pork satay, call me 🙂

  3. Know the ‘half veggie’ thing all too well!

    If I have a choice 99% of the time I choose to eat vegetables. Most of the time I’m just not that keen on meat.

    But I could never be a vegetarian because I like bacon too much!

    I don’t eat meat usually when I travel for ethical reasons – when I’m concerned about animal welfare.

    And I’d bee too picky to be a real veggie – don’t eat mushrooms, eggs, not keen on tofu…. The list goes on!

    Shame people have to compartmentalise and figure you out – half veggie and happy 🙂

  4. Chwenny says:

    @ Michaela: Thank you! 🙂 Yea unless someone’s eating an animal without killing it first, I have no moral judgements on their food choices!

    @ Lollipole Queen: it’s ok. I laughed too! ;p

    @ Originalribenababy: omg, I love bacon! And I too, still eat many veggie meals esp during lunch. Helps minimize my food comas, heheh..

  5. Nielle says:

    Hahahahah! Hello my little kitty! I am also cutting down on meat consumption for the exact same reason as you. Every time when I watch some documentary on how animals are being abused by farmers, I felt sad and didn’t want to eat them. But I am not a vegetarian. I just try to eat less meat. My Chinese doc instructed me to cut Chicken totally coz it will make me go crazy (emo roller coaster rides etc). Hahahahah! I aint suppose to eat KFC…so sad 😦

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