Whoa, Coregasm?!

More crunches! Yes... YES!!!...

I read this hilarious blog post from one of the writers of Cosmo Singapore, about how she had her first orgasm while riding a stationery bike in the gym (riding.. ahem..heehee) and in her teenage innocence, mistook it for having a heart attack!!! *ROFL*

Jibes aside, she also mentioned a new study that found that 40 percent of the women surveyed had experienced orgasms or sexual pleasure while engaging in physical exercises: “The most common exercises associated with exercise-induced orgasm were abdominal exercises, climbing poles or ropes, biking/spinning and weight lifting,” says researcher Debby Herbenick, who adds that the mechanisms behind exercise-induced tingles are still unclear.

( Excuse me, but did I just read, ‘climbing poles’??! Seriously, have I been missing out on something here? I thought pole was magical enough as it is, and now someone’s saying you can pole-climb and orgasm at the same time!? Well hot damn!! LoL!)

Now I’ve actually long heard of this exercise-and-female-orgasm phenomenon, but never experienced it myself or knew anyone personally who did. Then again, I suppose it’s not really one of those things that comes up easily during casual conversation. “So, I was working that elliptical at the gym yesterday, and Damn! That machine gives me a good buzz!”

But the concept of coregasm sounds pretty cool, if you ask me. True, I can see how it might get a little distracting while you’re just wanting to tone those abs, and perhaps also slightly awkward if you have a male personal trainer…

But still! A non-sexually-induced orgasm! In public! I mean, if you thought endorphins alone felt good, how about a full-on orgasm in the middle of your gym crunches?

And 40 percent is a lot! Of course, it was 40 percent of the women surveyed in the study, and not 40 percent of the female population. Cos god knows… if it were that common, the male-female ratio in gyms all over the world would be around 1 : 19.

I wonder though, for those women who can orgasm via their gym workouts/ pole climbs…

Uh, how do you explain the orgasm face??


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5 Responses to Whoa, Coregasm?!

  1. killermunchies says:

    I love this post! Best place to experience it and nobody would notice is SLAP classes!

  2. HahA! So thats why I like pole so much!! I never knew! 😀

  3. This has never happened to me. I would like a refund. 😛

  4. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.

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