Attack of the grouch-ies

Been feeling conflicted and frustrated the past week.

After my back acted up last term, I told myself that this time I would take things easy and focus on building my strength and stamina more off the pole. So I started running, started going for yoga again, and started pole training on my left side to even out my body.

Which I know is healthy for me in the bigger scheme of things, but it also leaves me feeling annoyed that I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like to. Sometimes I feel like it’s slowing me down, and I despair over how slowly it takes for me to build strength, particularly in my upper body.

Even though I’m way more toned now, after more than a year of continuous lessons, I still barely have any bicep muscles to speak of! While it’s a good thing aesthetically, the subsequent lack of muscle power is frustrating as hell. I still struggle with chopper inverts on certain days, and my aerial inverts are mostly a hot mess of flailing froggy legs and flexed feet.

At the same time, I also know that practicing certain tricks over and over again is no use if the root of the problem is not having adequate strength for them. And by that, I mean being able to fully execute it from start to finish with control.

Which leaves me back at square one again. Arghh…!!

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6 Responses to Attack of the grouch-ies

  1. Oh, you should see yourself thru my eyes love. When I watched you today I realised that your chopper is a lot nicer than it was last term. And you really look much stronger. Maybe it seems minimal to you but I can see the difference. We’ll be at prep together soon enough! (:

  2. e* says:

    i totally understand how you feel… i get that too sometimes: frustrated that i’m lagging especially doing tricks on the other side ( , grumpy when i don’t get enough exercise (…

    but i think, in the longer run, practicing on both sides is really better and balances out the body and, trust me… it gets better over time. after working at it and being patient, my other side is getting better and is feeling more comfortable!

    so, good luck, keep on at it! because – to quote L’Oreal – you’re worth it 😉

  3. I feel your pan here! I came off a muscle injury under my rib, and could not invert for 3 weeks!!! Keep at it girl! You’ve inspired me to work my “silly” side

  4. Chwenny says:

    ‘Silly side’.. Lol, love it 😀
    Thanks for all the encouragement, lovelies! Gonna pull myself out of funky town 😉

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