That odd occupational hazard

What would you do if you were doing a pole performance at a club event, and someone threw money at your feet? Would you be shocked? Feel flattered? Or offended?

It happened to a couple of my instructors here a little while ago.

Back in January, one of the local clubs launched its weekly ladies nights with performances by the instructors from Bobbi’s. A whole bunch of us from the studio went for the launch after our Thursday night classes to support our instructors as well as get pampered with free martini’s, manicures, and massages in the ladies’ VIP area.

The instructors’ pole performances were quite simple.. six of them would take turns freestyling on the poles for a minute or two to whatever music was playing. They were all awesome as usual, and the crowd loved it. I heard quite a few ladies in the audience were also interested to sign up after that.

I didn’t go back after the launch night, but they performed there every Thursday for the rest of the month. And during one of those performances, a couple of guys put $2 each on the stage poles where they were performing.

Personally, I found it both kinda funny and disturbing at the same time! I mean, being mistaken for a stripper generally isn’t very high on the average girl’s bucket list.

Of course, the sticky part is about being treated like a stripper. (now don’t go confusing the word “stripper”, with anything else okay, like, “hooker”, or “harlot”, or “morally-evil-gyrating-woman-that-I-think-I’m-bettere-than-for-who-knows-what-reasons”) 

But then logically speaking, if I were 1) pole dancing sexily 2) in a club 3)  while wearing a bikini and heels 4) in front of strangers from overseas, who 5) may never have heard of the pole studio I was from, and 6) might be more familiar with how things work in strip clubs, well.. I guess I wouldn’t be able to blame them if they thought it would be cool to tip me some money.

Also, if I ever did get mistaken for one, I’d certainly hope to be mistaken for a good one! One good enough to be thrown money at! After all, the best strippers are both smokin’ hot and amazing dancers. (Yes I have a healthy respect for professional strippers. And yes, I do tip them!)

And if someone liked what they saw enough that they’d want to give me money, I think I’d probably be flattered for the most part. We tip street buskers when we like their performances don’t we?

As long as they didn’t try to grab any body parts, ask for a lap dance, call me any abusive names, or otherwise invade my personal space, I also suppose I could just respond gracefully with a smile and say, ‘Thanks, but we don’t practice tipping or stripping. We’re just dancers.’

But then, that’s just me. And I’m not even sure if I’d ever dare to get up on a stage pole in a club in the first place. (Also, my husband would probably run in, throw a blanket over my head, cart me over one shoulder and hightail it out of there.)

Now what about you?

Oh and fyi, the instructors graciously left the stage (and the money) after their performance.


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3 Responses to That odd occupational hazard

  1. Lollipole Queen says:

    Hmm..all good explanations. $2 is kinda insignificant! Plus they prob were’nt stripping but poling….there’s a difference, right ? 🙂
    Perhaps the instructors can put a box the next time that says all ‘tips’ will be donated to a charity of their choice. Or the emcee could explain things before hand and say no tipping allowed. There. some good comes out of it 🙂 Oh wait…too many rules to get round too – soliciting for donations. Ok, cut it. Just leave the dough there. I think the visitors were either cheeky or appreciative?

  2. Trixie says:

    I don’t see tipping an entertainer, no matter what their art is, as nothing but respectful. It’s like you mentioned in the article, that you’d tip any other performer, so why not polers? I tip my wait staffing a restaurant. I tip the maid when I check out of a hotel. I tip the piano player in the bar. I tip the performers at the street fairs. I would rather leave a tip that is not expected than the other way around. I don’t see leaving a tip as disrespectful. Unless the tippers made comments like “nice tits” and then tossed the money I don’t see it as anything but appreciation for the performance.

  3. Chwenny says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Singapore doesn’t practice tipping in any service industries, and that the guys weren’t local… which is what made the whole situation rather funny! 🙂

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