Beginner slap

It’s week one at the studio again, and I sat in on Po.lita’s first Beginner strip and lap (Slap) class of the term. I’d only intended to meet her for dinner before she needed to teach but… Much like how you can’t have just one drink and leave, I can’t ever meet that woman and not end up at the pole studio.

Unfortunately, the class was fully booked and packed to the gills due to the recent Groupon deals that the studio promoted, so I spent the time playing DJ on her iPhone (play, pause, repeat) and watching the roomful of fresh students.

They ranged from girls in their late teens and early twenties, up to a few ladies in their 40’s or 50’s, all with a different style of moving and with varying levels of confidence. Some looked completely at ease and loving every second of it, while others appeared hesitant and unsure of themselves.

But Po.lita’s quite a pro at putting her students at ease, and they were all giggling and getting into the groove in no time.

Watching them, I remembered just how much courage it takes to walk into a dance studio and get your sexy on in front of other people, wearing less clothing than you’re probably comfortable being seen in and trying to remember brand new dance moves!

Flashback to the first time I’d taken a Slap lesson…

I’d just completed Beginner pole and had signed up for Techniques 1 as a second pole class, but 2 lessons in, I simply couldn’t keep up as I didn’t have enough basic strength to handle it just yet. Fortunately, the studio allowed me to swap it for Beginner Slap instead.

Until that point, I’d always done classes together with Po.lita but she couldn’t make it during this new slot so I was flying solo. Also, I had no interest in ‘lap dancing’ and had never intended to do the class, let alone by myself. I just didn’t want to waste my class fees.

On the day I showed up for my first class, I was a ball of nervous anticipation. At the time, I was losing confidence in pole. I could barely lift myself into a chair spin, let alone do an invert, which I was finding to be quite a terrifying process. Po.lita being a complete natural at everything wasn’t doing anything to boost my confidence, and neither was being the slowest girl in my inter 1 pole class.

But as it turned out, doing that non-pole, sensuality-based Slap class alone was one of the best things I did. Without the challenge of defying gravity, I could slow down and focus on sensuality and movement. I learned how to let go of some self-consciousness, my body rolls got slightly less awkward, and I felt somewhat less of a retard in general.

Which is why I love watching new classes during week 1. I know they’ll never be this shy again! In 8 short weeks, the shorts will be shorter, the heels will get higher, and their inner sexy vixens will have been released. Bring it on, I say!

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