Pole dancing on Facebook

When I first started this little blog, I’d just started ‘coming out of the pole closet’. I’d only been taking pole classes for under half a year, and still wasn’t that comfortable with the world knowing about it yet.

And when I say ‘the world’, of course, I mean Facebook.

Cos everybody knows that real life now happens on Facebook.

…New relationship? Well update your status already! …Had a baby? Course I knew, you uploaded the photos last night! …Started pole dancing? *radio silence*

So initially I kept my pole blog and all pole photos separate from my Facebook profile and vice-versa.

For the record, ‘Chwenny’ is a nickname that my girl friends gave me back when we were wee little teens in school.  It’s a play on my real name, because if you say ‘Sue-Anne’ quickly (and carelessly) enough, it sounds like ‘chwen’. And so I’m Chwenny, which my very long-time friends actually still call me.

But back to reality. And once again, I mean Facebook.

Fearing judgement and ridicule from work contacts whom I don’t know very well, ex-classmates and colleagues whom I’ve lost touch with, and mutual ‘friends’ I’ve met once or twice, I went as far as to create a separate account on Facebook, but that’s just no fun and it was too much trouble logging in and out. Plus, I got all of 3 friend requests.

Then after a few more months of blogging, a lot more pole-ling, and adding more and more fellow pole-obsessed friends from the studio on Facebook, I decided to toss out my fear of judgement and come out fully as the flaming pole-addict that I am. And if anyone has a problem with it, they can screw themselves and simply ignore me. Like they say right, the ones who matter won’t mind, and the ones who mind don’t matter.

Since then, I’ve discovered people from my ‘real life’ to be wonderfully positive and supportive about my pole dancing endeavors. Some are even way cooler about it than I thought they would be! And I’m blessed that it also includes every member of my family. A few friends even expressed interest to try it out, and a couple of them have actually signed up and are starting this week. (omg, I’m so excited!)

Now I’m not saying that every pole dancer needs to start posting photos of herself doing a ‘Hello Boys’. (In fact, I’m still quite careful about what kind of photos I put up. My personal gauge is that if I can’t imagine wanting to show them to my granny or if they worry my husband, they’re not Facebook-friendly.)

I just saying that I think life is too short to keep your passion separate and hidden from your ‘real life’. Oh, and if you’re also a fellow pole enthusiast, I’ll be happy to add you on my real Facebook account.

And yes, you can call me Chwenny. 🙂

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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4 Responses to Pole dancing on Facebook

  1. Po.lita says:

    Pole dancing *radio silence* So true 🙂 Great post Ms Chwenny, made me laugh out loud. Love u!!

  2. poppyonthepole says:

    As someone whose FB account is registered to Poppy Poledancer, I completely get your point! Then again, I’m at the place in my life where I have ONLY my “pole identity” on Facebook. Ultimately, I’ve found that there’s too much joy in pole dancing to keep it all to myself.

    I love your blog! Please keep writing.

  3. Chwenny says:

    Thank you, my lovelies!!! There’s definitely too much joy in pole for me not to share it!!

  4. mizlizzle says:

    Ah! I just started a separate Facebook page for my poleing and almost immediately regretted it. At first I felt insecure about posting it for “everyone” to see – but then I thought – if I’m going to do this, I need to just OWN it. This post is so inspiring. I can’t quite decide what direction to take, and I feel like while I take the time to think about it, I’m going to keep my updates on my Miz Liz Facebook page as opposed to my “real” one. Your post is inspiring and it’s comforting to know that others are dealing with the same issues. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to following you!

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