You’re looking for… What??!

Could you direct me to the pole dancing, please?

Had a surprise and good laugh discovering what people search for on Google when they stumble into this little blog.

It only occurred to me now (after 10 whole months) to click on the ‘top search terms’ function in WordPress to see what randomly brings people in. And it was quite an eye-opener!


The top ten search terms are:

1) Chwennyland

Whoo-hoo! Cos I is like, *such* an internet star!!…But much more likely, my mum just keeps forgetting to bookmark me in her browser.

2) Shoe customizer

This is surprisingly popular! Guess everyone loves a little DIY on their footwear.

3) Birthday promises

I’m just wondering who everyone is making all these promises to on their birthdays…

4) Bad Kitty Pole Blog

Me likey this one very much!

5) Pole dance

Thank goodness this is at least in the top 5

6) Dita Von Teese burlesque

Dita brings a fair amount of traffic over. Besides “Dita Von T glamour” , the other common search terms for her include Dita’s martini dance‘, ‘Dita Von Teese stripping’,  and my personal favourite, ‘Dita Von Teese Ass‘.

7) Tortoise (??!)

How this is in the top 10 search terms, I’m really not sure. But apparently Google’s been leading quite a few tortoise aficionados to come read my pole dancing adventures…

8) Rodney James Burlesque

I find it bewildering how the tortoises are bringing me more traffic than the fabulous Mr Burlesque!

9) Pole bruises

This one I totally understand.

10) Virgin video (!!?)

Uh, I don’t really want to think about the people who search for videos of virgins…


Other popular search terms are Lingerie, with ‘hot women lingerie‘, ‘nubile chicks in lingerie‘ and ‘Victoria Secret lingerie‘ being quite popular.

(Although I find the term ‘Little girls in lingerie‘ quite disturbing, and if you were the one who searched for ‘Fat chicks in lingerie‘, this is obviously not the right blog for you!)


The other more random search terms include:

How long before my toe nail grows back

Two weeks perhaps? Three?

– ‘How to make a deal with a demon

I’m not sure, but I think sacrificing a chicken at midnight might be a good start.

– ‘Bunch of fluid-filled bumps with black dot on my hand

Dude, maybe stop whacking it for a while? Or just switch to the other hand.

– ‘Secret cam booty women with leggings photos

I don’t even want to go there.


– ‘plastic panties discipline

You can’t even make this shit up!


Wow. And I thought it was just a couple of other pole-crazy ladies who sometimes read this blog!

Well I suppose I’ll also have to try and keep things fresh for all the shoe-customizing tortoise fans who drop by too…

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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3 Responses to You’re looking for… What??!

  1. Hui says:

    Wahahaha, you’re so funny as usual. ❤

  2. Love it! Think my most random one right now is one lone person who found me with the search term ‘spoon snake, am I nothing?’

    I randomly tweeted it and somehow that lead someone to my blog… Which has nothing to do with spoon snakes!… So far!

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