Revisiting a faithful old friend

I’d been missing yoga since my membership at Pure Yoga expired four months ago. At the time, I was all ‘Yay, I can just go for pole all the time now!’ and I pretty much did. But then slowly I started to miss yoga and its calm, gentle ways.

Which surprised me, because I really didn’t think I would.

But I guess when something’s been a part of your life for a few years, you can’t just walk away from it that easily. I never regarded my poor yoga practice as something I took very seriously, but then I did do it for five whole years.

And yes, I know I can always roll out my mat at home and practice in the living room, but… no, I really can’t. I have no illusions about just how lazy I am, and it’s the whole process of being led by an instructor that I enjoy most. Plus it’s nice to work out with other like-minded people, all sweating at the same time.

Then one day on Facebook, I saw this jaw-droppingly awesome video and I rrrrreeeeaaallllyyyy started to miss yoga:

The gorgeous yogini in the vid is Briohny Smyth. I think she’s got more strength and control in those cute little toes of hers than I do in my whole body!

The day that I saw it, I got so wistful that I started wondering if I should renew my membership at Pure!But I’d have to commit to a huge, 2-3 year unlimited package again that would set my credit card back by about three thousand dollars and I just don’t go often enough to justify that kind of price.

So when I spotted a 4-class Groupon deal for a new studio, I jumped at it! One Wellness Fitness Club is 20 minutes from my office, and they sell class cards instead of huge, unlimited membership packages.

I picked a hot core class to start with, and was sure I’d be lying on the floor in a puddle after 15 minutes from the lack of practice, but it went surprisingly well. Some difficult poses felt easier than I remembered, and I ended up staying for a second hot stretch class which I really enjoyed too.

The staff there seem friendly as well, which is always important. And the classes are quite small and intimate, with the instructors addressing some of their regular students by name. So far I’ve had a different instructor for every class I’ve attended, but they all walk around and make adjustments to everyone’s poses. I know that’s ultimately a good thing, but it can also feel a bit pressurizing. Some days you’re just a little more tired, you know?

Half way through my third class, the instructor asked me if I was a dancer. (!!!) When I told her I take pole dance classes, she proceeded to name me a few of the advanced girls from Bobbi’s who do yoga with her. I was quite impressed that she could remember her students that well.

After doing 4 lessons, I’ve decided that I like the studio enough to sign up. They just happen to be having a fantastic promo for 100 classes at just $999, and it’s calling out my name… Anyone want to join me?


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7 Responses to Revisiting a faithful old friend

  1. There’s studios where you’d have to commit to a 2-3 year unlimited package? Seriously? Not a nice way of making business…

  2. Holly says:

    That video is AWESOME! I feel the same way, although I haven’t done as much yoga as you have. I also like being in a class with other people, even though I too have a yoga mat and plenty of resources I can use at home! At the same time, I’ve never had a particularly great experience in a yoga class, mainly because of the dynamic of the class or the way the teacher related to the students. But I really want to love it because I know how good it can make me feel – I think I just haven’t found the right studio yet. On the other hand, I’m in a stretch class right now at my pole studio that I love. It’s kind of a mix of yoga and some other stuff, but what I really love about it is that I know everyone and it’s a great environment. Plus, it’s less pose oriented so I feel like I can really focus on increasing my flexibility in certain areas more efficiently while still feeling that relaxed, happy feeling by the time I leave. I’m still tempted to keep trying out yoga classes on the side though. That’s awesome that the instructor asked you if you’re a dancer – I always feel really good when people ask me that because I haven’t had much formal dance training (I used to do Irish dance but I don’t think that counts since I never really felt like a dancer). Best of luck at your new studio!!!

    • Chwenny says:

      Thanks! Oh it’s all about the environment for me too, I love my pole classes most of all cos of all the girlfriends I’ve made there! I also do a flexibility class at the pole studio which I find very different from say, yin yoga which is all about deep stretching, cos flex class is very splits-specific for pole. I had a great chat with one of the advanced Bobbi’s girls about how yoga is fabulous for caring for a pole-abused body! Will have it up as a post next week!

  3. I’ve been the opposit – neglecting pole and favouring yoga.

    It’s got to a stage now where I’m scared to get back on it – wish there were classes closer to where I live that I could join which always makes you feel better.

    I think Im also frustrated I’d be back to square one….

  4. Chwenny says:

    You won’t be! The hardest part is getting started again, but muscle memory is a wonderful thing. Who knows, you might even find that with the break, some things will have gotten easier from the yoga you’ve done.

  5. “And yes, I know I can always roll out my mat at home and practice in the living room, but… no, I really can’t. I have no illusions about just how lazy I am, and it’s the whole process of being led by an instructor that I enjoy most. Plus it’s nice to work out with other like-minded people, all sweating at the same time.”
    Chwenny, I know EXACTLY what you mean by this. I’m the SAME WAY!!! ^_^

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