Rodney’s back! With some performance tips this time

Guess who was back in town for another round of workshops? None other than Rodney James, aka Mr Burlesque!

It seems like just yesterday he visited Singapore for the first time, but it was four months ago. This time since it was valentine’s day weekend, he conducted a new lap dance workshop.

The thing I love most about Rodney is his ability to draw out the sexy siren in everyone. No matter how shy or awkward you are, Rodney will empower you to get your hoochie on! Like Po.lita says, he brings out the ‘Umph’ in us.

After 90 minutes of arching, preening, and teasing, a couple of us had dinner with him at the food court near the studio. Po.lita asked him to share some tips on choreographing your own pole routine, as she might be entering the Miss Pole Dance South East Asia competition in April. So here are a couple of golden tips for performing on stage:

1) Think of a performance as a movie, with a clear beginning, a middle, and an end. “Start with a bang and finish with a bang!”

2) Keep your tricks simple and stick to the ones you’re comfortable and confidant with. 
“The best performers know that it’s all about how you get into the trick and how you get out of it, not just the trick itself.”

3) Focus on your transitions and dance. 
“it’s also all the in-between bits that will make you stand out during a performance, focus on doing things with your own unique personality and style.”

4) Consider using more than one track for your performance to inject a different mood into it. 
“If your routine is 2-3 minutes long, 2 tracks is enough. If it’s 4-5 minutes long, you can get away with 3 different tracks.”

5) If there’s more than one pole on the stage and you needto move from one to the other… 
“Never, never, ever look straight at the next pole and just walk over! You want to direct the audience’s gaze to every other part of the room with your movement, and then reach the pole.”
Thanks for always being so helpful and willing to share, Rodney! Of course, applying these tips into an actual performance and executing it in style is way easier said than done. It’ll be a loooong time (if ever, even!) before I ever choreograph and perform my own routine, but they’re certainly good to know.

Besides the lap dance workshop, he also conducted his famous chair challenge again on Sunday. I didn’t do it this time though. It was first time I’d been back to the studio for classes since I took 3 weeks off to rest my temperamental back/shoulder muscles, and I did strip and lap class and flexibility class just before his lap dance workshop. I was tempted to, and the studio receptionist kept encouraging me to sign up, but I wisely decided to see how I felt when I woke up the next day.

Besides being beat, I also somehow managed to skin not one but both of my elbows on the floor! I didn’t even notice until much later when I looked down and spotted large chunks of skin hanging off my elbows. Ewww…

True enough, yesterday morning I woke up and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Plus, because I’ve done his chair challenge before, I know that the warm up alone is enough is a killer. Last time round, he had everyone lift our chairs high above our heads while holding side ab-stretches!!!

With any luck, I’ll see him again at the studio before he flies off for the rest of his tour. He oh-so-kindly offered to help Po.lita with her choreography if he has enough time, and I definitely want to be around for that!

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