Omg, like, fanmail!

…Okay, okay, so it wasn’t really fan mail.

But a few weeks ago, I got an email from a reader!!!

And with her kind permission, here’s what it said:

Hi,I feel very encouraged when I read your blog. Hahaha. I just started learning pole dancing not long ago.I read that you bought a pole and placed it in your living room, do you mind showing me or describing the position of the pole relative to the tv, sofa etc? I don’t understand where I can place a pole in my house without making it look very out of place. Need some real life example and discuss with S.O in my future home. Haha
I thought I was becoming a bit bonkers when I found myself being so excited for my pole dance lesson that I couldn’t sleep, after stopping pole for 3 weeks. Glad to read about other passionate ladies (e.g. you) who just unknowingly got addicted!
Can’t wait to read more posts from you. I like your style of writing 🙂

Okay firstly, the fact that I got an email from a reader absolutely made my day. Like, dancing in the shower, kind of made-my-day-ness! I loooove getting emails from readers! Just like how I loooove getting comments. *you can feel me grinning, right?*

Secondly, she said she likes my style of writing. My writing!! *you can’t see it, but I’m doing the happy dance again*


I sent her a photo of my pole so she has a clearer picture of what it looks like in a local apartment, but I thought I’d also address the question “where I can place a pole in my house without making it look very out of place?” right here since the pole-at-home issue is a fairly common topic.

Before I get to that though, if you’re even thinking of getting a pole for your house, Congratulations on your new addiction, welcome to the pole-aholics anonymous club, and I totally applaud your commitment!

And now, to answer the question.. my personal opinion is that there really isn’t anywhere that anyone can put a pole up in their house where it won’t look out of place. I mean, poles do exist everywhere and for different reasons… in fire stations, on street signs, in subway trains, but inside a house, it’s going to stick out.

First of all, there’s the fact that anyone putting up a dance pole will need enough space around it so that some actual dancing can be accomplished without banging a foot into a nearby piece of furniture.

So, while a pole might look unobtrusive and blend in nicely in a discreet corner of say, the dining area next to a display cabinet, you’re going to have to put it in the middle of an empty space where it will stick out like a sore lamp post.

And since the majority of us city dwellers live in modest-sized apartments, enough proper empty space for a pole is usually hard to come by.

Which is why I feel that the living room is one of the best places for a pole. Mine’s right in the middle of my living room, and it’s the first thing you’d notice if you walked though my front door.

Out of place? Yes. My grandmother’s already explained to all of our relatives who visit and probably the guy who delivers the newspapers too that I use it for exercise.

Good for dancing? Hell yes! I can extend my limbs fully without worrying that I’m going to knock anything off a shelf or table.

My point? If you’re going to put a pole up in your house, be loud and proud about it, and don’t compromise on space if you can help it. Sure, you’ll have to be open about it with your family and will probably have to endure some enthusiastic, ‘Well? Show us what you can do!’ requests.

But if you love pole dancing enough to want your own pole at home, you’ll have to be open about it at some point. And trust me, it’ll all will be worth it!

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1 Response to Omg, like, fanmail!

  1. Po.lita says:

    I got rid of my dining table for my pole. It’s the first thing you see when you step into my house! We have our meals in the living room now 😉

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