Back in business

A half-baked half-star

I finally ventured back onto my pole again! And so far, so good.

Because I’m so bloody lazy, a lot of the time I get put off from practicing at home by the thought of having to warm up by myself. But after the 2 whole weeks of rest, I was so glad to just be able to get back on that thing that I happily did a full 30-minute warm up, complete with some thera-band shoulder exercises!

Since it was a Sunday, my mom and little sister popped over for a visit as I was practicing. My sister actually shrieked in shock as she walked through the door just when I was hanging upside down in a Gemini. Talk about making an impact!

Even though they’ve seen the pole up in my living room for the past half year or so, it was the first time they’d ever seen me on it. That’s because whenever they come over, greedy me is only concerned with eating the tons of new food that they always bring over with them, and its never a good idea to go anywhere near a pole on a bursting-full stomach.

This time however, I was already on full practice mode when they arrived, so they were well entertained. I even got my sister to help snap some shots of my half-star and cupid. She’s turning sixteen and her favourite activity in school is dance, but she was too intimidated by the pole to give it a try. My mum on the other hand, enthusiastically busted out a knee spin! Too bad she was wearing jeans!

I also tried putting the pole on static at first to focus on the tricks themselves, and it did help a little since I wasn’t distracted by any spinning. But after a while it got kinda boring and I missed the movement! Plus, everything looks so much prettier on spinny. And I did have a new audience watching too!

What’s funny is how my granny was all chill and “Oh yeah, I see this kinda stuff all the time! I’m cool!” while my mum and sis were ooh-ing and ah-ing.

Anyway, it felt sooooo goooood to practice again. I’m stoked that I can get into the inter 3 tricks by myself, though getting out of them smoothly is a bit trickier. The studio teaches us to dismount from a Jamilla (a straight-leg open thigh rest) but right now I feel safer getting out the same way I got in.. by a Gemini!

For now, I’m just glad to take things slowly and enjoy poling without pain. And putting that pole at home to good use again!

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2 Responses to Back in business

  1. Haze says:

    I love how family response to their pole dancers at home, you have really cool family! My mom didn’t find out until she came visit me in LA and almost ran into the pole in the middle of my apartment. She was too scared to spin and I took her to watch the quarterly showcase at my dance class. The tiger mom in her said ” keep it up, you better be good at it”.

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