Physio, part deux

Been moping since Monday because I still haven’t gone back to class yet since my first physio session. Instead, I went for another session somewhere else.

After mentioning the physiotherapy to my brother-the-P.E-teacher, he of course brought up that the physiotherapist he goes to charges a mere fraction of what I paid. So I thought, what the hell.

Physio #2 runs her own practice but also operates out of a rather ghetto communal location on the weekends when she sees referral-only clients at a very low price. She’s also known to tell it like it is and even shoo her regulars away, refusing their money when she thinks they’re recovering and no longer need treatment.

I showed her a video of what triggers the twingy pain in my back: my still-clumsy dismount from the pull-up V. I told her how I suspect that part of the problem is a lack of core and upper body strength to lower slowly with control, and how it’s the point just before I flop down ungracefully where that pesky back muscle twinges.

She replayed the video three times, then dropped the killer bomb.

“You’re just not strong enough.”

I think I actually heard a small portion of my heart breaking. With my fragile ego along with it.

Insert: That awkward moment when your secret suspicion that, you are in fact, just a weakling, is confirmed by a medical practitioner.    


“Why don’t you work on strengthening first? If not, it’ll be like trying pass college entrance exams over and over when you just haven’t gotten through high school yet.”

Before I left, she gave me a thera band to use with my pole for strengthening my shoulder and back muscles with.

Looks like it’s back to the old drawing board…


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12 Responses to Physio, part deux

  1. OMG. What a bomb-dropper! But she is right, there’s no point trying to advance if we are not strong enough. Well… Here’s to Intermediate 2 classes, again, and again, and again? And let’s practice with our bands together! (and I realised how much cooler that sentence sounds than it really does mean.)

  2. Chin up, at least it means you can get back to your pole 🙂

    I thought this video was great for core strengthening that’s pole related, it’s from MilienElayne:

    • Chwenny says:

      Wow, that video is awesome! She’s got amazing core control and strength! I’ll def try some of these. Love the floor “chopper-ups” instead of sit-ups.. Thanks for the great vid, girl! 🙂

      • Not a problem, hope it helps 🙂

        I’m busy trying to strength train again so I can try to get back to pole. Life was all put on hold for a while, and it’s scary how much strength you lose in six months!

    • I agree, awesome video! The pole pull-ups remind me of some of Veena’s strength training, but I’ll have to try the shoulder stands, chopper-ups and start using some of her tips to improve my chopper. I can’t SM yet, but I’ll be coming back to this for tips! Thanks for posting! Chwenny, if you follow this, you’ll have the strength to do anything you want!! Go for it, girl! ^_^

    • I love this video too! The chopper-up looks great, I’ll definitely practice that 😀

  3. Don’t worry, Chwenny! You’ll get there! Just keep at it! *waves pom-poms*

  4. hui says:

    I pulled my upper back/shoulder muscle when I didn’t dismount from Chopper properly. Stole your idea and showed the Chinese sensei the video. After pondering for few seconds, he lectured me on how pole dancing requires strength in the upper body and lower back. I guess he was trying to be more diplomatic about me being too weak for pole =(

    • Chwenny says:

      Oh dear! You too?
      Yeah, that chopper I tell you.. it’s when I first started learning it that all my troubles started. It’s not going up, it’s coming down that usually strains the muscles cos of the control required.
      Don’t give up tho! But do more upper-body strengthening exercises off the pole to protect your back. Stuff like girl push-ups, or yoga which I prefer.

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