Physiotherapy – not just for old folk

If only spotting muscle pain was this easy

The first time I ever heard of physiotherapy was when my granny suffered a frozen shoulder and my mum brought her for physiotherapy sessions until it was healed.

Since then, I’ve always associated it with grannies and other elderly people. Now I know it was a false association. Well either that, or I’m really getting older fast!

I ushered in the second day of Chinese New Year by seeing a physiotherapist for the first time.

That old twinge behind my right shoulder blade started acting up again, and since it’s the third time it’s showed up in the last 6 months, I decided to see someone about it. So I got the contact for the clinic where everyone at the studio goes to, and they happened to be open even though it was Chinese New year when practically every clinic in the country is shut.
According to the friendly physiotherapist, the upper portion of my thoracic spine is noticeably stiffer than the rest of it, and the connecting muscles are the ones which are sore. I haven’t pinched a nerve or pulled any muscles, because it would be extremely painful and since I didn’t scream or pass out when she dug her elbow into my back, there’s been no muscle pulling. Phew!

So the good news is that my nerves and muscles are fine for the most part, and that I just need to work on increasing my upper-spinal flexibility. (She showed me how to roll around on a foam roller or rolled-up towel, since I don’t have one)

Huh. I always thought I had as super-bendy back, but apparently that’s only my lower back and the upper portion is still stiff as a disco-dancing robot.

She did assure me that there’s nothing actually wrong with my spine or back, it’s simply that, “Because you’ve chosen to get fit by pole dancing, your spine now needs to increase its flexibility to keep up with what you want it to do.”

“But I’m sure it’s worth it!” She added with a knowing chuckle.

Her parting instructions to me were to resume my pole training and continue stretching out my upper back the way she showed me to.

While I’m really dying to get back to class, I’m not actually sure if going back so soon might cause more damage or not.
Sigh, we’ll see how it goes.

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8 Responses to Physiotherapy – not just for old folk

  1. Know what you mean – I saw a chiropractor just before Christmas. It was just on a whim really, I saw a discount voucher and thought I had nothing to lose.

    My check up showed 6 months of working as a care worker would require 6 weeks of adjustments to get back to what’s considered normal :s

    As I can’t afford 6 weeks of sessions might be worth looking up a physio

  2. Tabbs says:

    Sounds like it might be time to revisit yoga every now and then to prevent injury. Take care of your back and joints!

  3. e* says:

    my rib joints often get stuck in the middle part of my spine (from too many inverted-Vs / straddle invert), and it hurts… at some point it hurt just *breathing*. i hotfooted it to an osteopath immediately! happily my studio has an osteo who is also a poler, so she knows exactly what kind of strains we put our bodies through

    and now i’m super conscious about my mid-spine, which is particularly prone to stiffness… by trying to ensure i don’t over-strain it, foam-rolling / stretching it, and going for periodic deep tissue massages or osteo check-ups. *sigh* i do feel my age sometimes…

    • Chwenny says:

      You say your rib joints get stuck? Interesting.. I wonder if that’s what happened to me… How does your osteo deal with that? Massages them loose, have you do specific exercises, etc? God, an osteo who poles is worth her weight in gold and whatever she charges! Lucky you!!

      • e* says:

        She does something to ‘pop’ my vertebrae… something like the following (DISCLAIMER: i’m not expert and this should not be tried at home): she finds the problem vertebrae, puts one hand on / around it and then moves the rest of my body/spine to ‘pivot’ around it, then puts sharp pressure on the problem vertebrae.. and then there’s this ‘pop’ or cracking sound, and suddenly i can breathe without pain. or sometimes she has me face down, breathing in and out, then puts she hands (palms facing down) around my vertebrae and puts a sharp pressure on it. it’s GREAT… i can breathe painlessly immediately afterwards.

        i had this problem either because i was overworking my back muscles/they weren’t sufficiently developed for the strain i was putting them under, and also because i have a naturally stiffer spine (posture etc.) and a slight sideways curve in my spine. so basically she gave me stretches to stretch my mid-back (foam roller, sideways stretch etc.).

        yeah my osteo is great! 🙂 pity she can’t solve everything so easily though. i have a problem in my ankle ligament that i need to just let heal over time (it hurts when i sickle my foot in for bow & arrow). rubbish. 😦

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