Nose-dive fail

holding on tight

I’m hanging upside down with my left knee hooked on the pole, right leg somewhere in the air in front of me, and my hands grasping on for dear life.

“Now slide your right hand down towards the floor” says Instructor behind me.

“Okay right hand, now slide towards the floor!” I command silently.

Immediately I clutch the pole to my chest instead and slide down in a heap, still hugging the pole. (and squeaking)

“You were supposed to do this” says Instructor, stretching her right arm up to illustrate, “and instead you did this.” she grins, hugging it to her chest.

Oops, my bad. I really meant to do it properly, it’s just that my body didn’t cooperate with me again.

“This one’s our resident koala!” she laughs, which cracks me up.

Oh dear. It’s sad but true! Lol

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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1 Response to Nose-dive fail

  1. Wow! Good luck with that one :s the dives and drops scare the hell out of me

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