Comparison: 45mm X-pole vs 38mm spinning pole at Bobbi’s Pole Studio

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Okay, by no stretch of the imagination am I an expert on the X-pole, but by merit of the fact that I own one, I often get asked this by my fellow pole addicts at Bobbi’s: “How does your X-pole compare to the poles at the studio?’

In fact, on average.. someone new will unfailingly ask me this about every 2 weeks or so. And I always try to answer as well as I can, because I know that once you’re bitten by the pole bug, you start dreaming about buying your own pole!

My own pole was bought for me as an early birthday present in July last year by my husband. I love you, baby!!! (yes, that was for both my husband and my pole)

Back then, X-pole had just started making their famous pole in brass and it was only available via the X-pole Australia website.
So why did I choose to buy an X-pole in the first place?

I could have bought a 38mm, brass, permanent pole from Bobbi’s Pole Studio where I take my classes, and have the exact same pole to use at home, but I would have had to drill it into my floor and ceiling. And at the time, Bobbi hadn’t yet released Bobbi’s portable pole, or I might have got that instead. And since I’d already learned on a static X-pole before, I decided to go with that.

If I’m not wrong, Bobbi’s studios use permanent Pussycat poles. As mentioned, they’re 38mm in diameter, brass, and permanently-spinning poles. My X-pole (and if you didn’t already know, his name is Sir Lancelot) is 45mm, also brass, and can be adjusted to both spin and static mode. I keep it on spin though, just cos that’s what I’m used to.

Now, X-poles also makes their brass X-pert in 40mm which is a lot closer to 38mm and which should make things a no-brainer for most Bobbi’s girls.

When I first heard that it was available, I had a teeny moment of regret for not waiting until the slimmer version was released. But I still think it was a good decision for me to get a 45mm, because most studios still use 45mm or even 50mm chrome poles. And apparently when pole first got popular, the 45mm didn’t even exist and everyone had to learn on 50mm chrome which is really hard. (I’ve tried)

But just in case you still want to know what the main differences are between a 45mm brass X-pert vs 38mm brass Pussycat pole, here it is:

#1. The wider grip

It’s just 7mm between 38 and 45, but I can still feel the difference. A wider pole requires firmer hand grip and generally more upper body strength for spins and anything you lift into using your arms. I find chair spins and aerial inverts in particular are more challenging on my 45mm as compared to doing them on a 38mm.

But on the same note, leg grips become easier. At the studio, I still struggle to grip the 38mm firmly enough between my thighs for a straight-leg layback (aka Crossed Ankle Release) but I can do it quite easily at home on my 45mm. So I’d say it’s a pretty fair trade.

Though I haven’t tried the 40mm yet, (but I will very, very soon cos Po.lita just bought hers!) I suspect that the grip variation will be a lot less obvious with just 2mm difference. I’ll let you know what the 40mm X-pole is like is once I try hers!

#2. The brass finish

Well here’s my typically girly, non-technical observation: The studio poles have a more golden-coppery colour, while my X-pole has a slightly more greenish-yellow tinge to it. Does that say something about the different percentages of nickel vs alloy in them? I have no idea!

But I can tell you that when I’m at the air-conditioned studio, I need loads of shaving gel on my skin and dry hands on my palms even after getting fully warmed up, to confidently stick to my pole. Whereas in my non-air-conditioned living room, after warming up properly I don’t need either one to do the same tricks as I do at the studio. But… If I’m not completely warm, my pole at home feels slightly slippery and so I’m forced to do a proper warm up or I can barely climb without some sliding.

In terms of just the feel, I find my X-pole feels just a tad smoother and more slippery to the touch than the poles at the studio. But that could also be due to various reasons too, like the fact that the studio poles are a) older and b) used so much more often that they are c) more or less constantly covered in shaving gel residue or whichever other form of grip product the girls use, despite being regularly wiped down.

Does that help you at all? Probably not! But this is as much as I can give you right now.. Sorry!

#3. The spin

The X-pole spins way slower than the ones at Bobbi’s. I find it more a good thing than a bad one because I don’t have to deal with the crazy dizziness that I sometimes suffer from when I pull in to the pole too quickly, especially when I’m upside down. Perhaps that means that a performance on the spinning X-pole might look just slightly less impressive, but for now I’m happy to practice without too much potential nausea involved.

Anyway, if you live in Singapore and want to buy an X-pole too, Groove studio sells them in chrome, and just started selling brass too. The new brass 40mm costs $825, not including $40 for delivery, and $80 for installation.

If you have any other questions regarding the 45mm brass, just shoot and I’ll try my best to answer coherently.

Hope it helps, and happy poling!

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23 Responses to Comparison: 45mm X-pole vs 38mm spinning pole at Bobbi’s Pole Studio

  1. Good points 🙂

    I started on a chrome 50 mm – yes hand grip takes a while but leg grips are much easier.

    I decided to get a static chrome 45 mm xpole at home. I thought it was easier on the hands but I find it harder on the legs!

    My pole is slippery because it’s newer and used less frequently but after a few rounds or hairspray applied to it or my legs it got much easier – and it made going back to the studio so much easier!

    I think it’s a good thing to practice on a couple of different poles, it builds your strength in different areas.

    I’d love to have a spinning pole…. Might have to upgrade when I get back to practicing again 🙂

  2. malekowine says:

    You learn something new every day! Shaving gel! Who woulda thunk it….

  3. Jenna says:

    Hi how much is the 45mm brass xpole their are selling? Is the xpole they are selling exactly the same package in the xpole.aus? Btw I’m in Malaysia, if delivery how much they charge for the shipping fee?

    • Chwenny says:

      I think it’s $825, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same X-pole. Not sure if they ship to Malaysia babe, why don’t you Google their email and ask them directly? 🙂

      • jeanna says:

        you mean Groove? yea i did mailed them for the shipping. But im still wondering which is better? 40mm or 45mm at home? using 38mm which i found easier for my ‘stunts’, 45mm good to train my grips and arm strengths. I really hope you could advise me 🙂

      • Chwenny says:

        I’m really not the best person to advise you, but I reckon if you love 38mm, just get the 40mm! Sometimes I get frustrated with my 45mm cos I can’t do stuff as well as I can on the 38mm

  4. jeanna says:

    i love to use 45mm for stamina training but as for stunts, thinner is better~ ahhhhh, if you were me, will you get 40mm or 45mm at HOME?

  5. hi, does it includes the taxing fees when they mail your dance-pole to singapore?

  6. Reena says:

    Did you get a chance to try out your friend’s 40 mm pole? If so, how did it feel? Do you like it better than your 45? Did it hurt when doing leg grips/holds? I’m asking because I have tiny hands and I recently bought a 45 mm Xpole in Titanium Gold because I heard it was grippier than the Chrome 45 mm which is also used at my dance studio. However, I do feel I should have gotten the 40 mm instead. I would like your review/feedback on the 40. Thank you!

    • Chwenny says:

      I did try it and I do like it slightly better than my 45mm! I’m used to a 38mm so I don’t find the 40mm painful at all. But if you’re used to 45mm leg holds on a 40mm might take a while to get used to.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Hi babe,

    I am thinking of getting a pole for myself as I just started on doing more inverts and will like to Practise more.. What’s the diff between chrome and brass? The chrome one is so much cheaper than the brass one at Groove.. Thanks. =)

  8. applewaffle says:

    Hi! Would like to find out how you maintain your brass pole? Does it require regular cleaning and polishing, and with what solvent? Does it have to be taken down periodically for the ceiling to ‘rest’?

    Quite lost as to how to maintain my pole as I’m new to poling. I just put up the pole w/o even looking for a joist. >. <

    • Chwenny says:

      I’ve never taken down my pole since I first put it up. And I just wipe it down with Isopropyl Alcohol after every use. You can buy it from Guardian Pharmacy for less than $3.

  9. Jackie says:

    Hello! I’m a newbie at Bobbis~~ Why is it that it will be slippery if you are not warmed up?

    • Chwenny says:

      Hi Jackie, sorry I can’t explain the actual science of it but all poles do get grippier after you’re warmed up. That’s another reason why it’s so important to warm up before you pole, besides prevent injuries from cold muscles. Have fun at Bobbi’s!

  10. Joey says:

    Hi do you know anyone that can just do the installation of pole? My girl friend brought hers but need a installation man.

    Thanks babe!

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