Week one madness, and the morning after

Pole class today? Check!

So after the 3-week year-end break, I was itching to hit the studio for classes again.

Full of energy on Monday night, I enthusiastically did Techniques 1, followed by Inter 2.

Tuesday morning I woke up, happily thinking “Yay, I’m not even aching!” and skipped merrily back to the studio in the evening for Inter 3, followed by Inter 1, where I practiced everything on my left side.

Then on Wednesday morning, it felt like my arms and legs had magically transformed themselves into wooden boards while I was asleep. “Omg, Now I’m aching! The word Stiff doesn’t even begin to cover it. Yeah I’m definitely not going for class tonight”

But by the evening, I mysteriously found myself back at the studio for inter 2.

On Thursday morning, I opened my eyes and realized that I hadn’t really known what it meant to feel SORE until then.

So after doing inter 3 on Thursday night, it’s only expected that I should be hobbling around in a world of pain today.

…except that I’m not!!! I actually feel much better than I did yesterday. Can’t explain it, but I’m not complaining!

And no, I’m not going for more classes tonight. Friday is my day off.

But, I might just head for techniques 2 tomorrow morning, depending on whether I can wake up in time cos it’s a Saturday.

And provided of course, that the Universe doesn’t punk me with delayed muscle soreness once I open my eyes…

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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