We’ve come a long way, baby

Po.lita and I at our Beginners' performance: look at how much we wore back then!

This morning, the husband showed me an old photo of him and me that he’d found in a drawer while spring-cleaning the house.

“Hey, look at how round your face was before you started doing pole!”

Thanks baby… I’m going to take that one as a compliment. *sigh*

And then I realized that wow, it’s been exactly one year since I attended my first Beginner’s pole class at Bobbi’s Pole Studio last January!

So I decided to compile a short list of some of the changes that have taken place in me since then thanks to pole dancing:

Look at how much we were wearing back then!

1) I developed Partial Nudity-Immunity.

Like most beginners, I showed up for my first class in a long tank top and what I now consider extremely conservative-looking shorts. During the very first term-graduation performance, I wore a regular black halter and a little flaired skirt because I couldn’t handle the idea of showing too much skin in a roomful of fully-dressed strangers.

These days, I’m so immune to wearing a bikini top with bikini shorts that the other day, I almost walked downstairs to the bathroom in broad daylight without putting on some clothes on top. (Oh, did I ever mention that the studio is located right next door to a church?? For reals!)

2) I went from ‘I hate exercise’ to being active 4-5 times a week.

And it totally crept up on me. As the terms went by, I started going for more and more classes in a week. And this year, I even started running. Some of my friends from school are still slightly incredulous, claiming that they don’t recall ever seeing me run before. (For the record, I did run in school okay! For those enforced ‘sports day events’ and even the occasional bus)
3) My flabby, tofu-like body has developed actual muscles.

This one also slowly crept up on me. After about 4 months, casual acquaintances were starting to compliment me and asking if I’d been working out. At first I thought they were just being very nice and supportive. Then one day my brother, who’s a professional P.E teacher, said he could tell I was working out because my neck looked more developed. (You can tell from the neck?? Seriously?!) And recently I watched some of my early practice videos and noticed how thin my arms used to be… no wonder it took me forever to progress from beginner to intermediate!

4) I conquered a sh*t-load of fear and achieved the seemingly impossible.

Besides getting over my fears of spinning, my fears of being inverted, my fears of spinning while being inverted, and my general fear of physical activity, I’ve also just upgraded to 6″ heels! But seriously, pole tricks can be intense to learn, and yet I’ve been re-evaluating my definition of ‘impossible’ as I overcome each hurdle.

Looking back, 2011 was definitely the year of pole for me. Here’s to taking it to a new level in 2012!! May all your pole dreams come true! ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses to We’ve come a long way, baby

  1. Holly says:

    I second all of this! Congrats on all the achievements and good luck in 2012! ๐Ÿ™‚

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