Cos I’m a little vain-pot

Hanging in there

Last month, I did my first pole photo shoot at the studio and the photos are finally ready!

Believe it or not, initially I didn’t want to sign up. I thought that unless I could pull off advanced tricks with ease, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Then Po.lita signed up and on the day of her shoot I tagged along to watch, making myself useful by sticking on her falsies and capturing a couple of behind-the-scenes shots. The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate, and I spotted a few girls from the beginner level who’d signed up. Even though they could only do a knee spin or two, their attitudes and personalities shone through wonderfully.

It made me realize that very complex tricks aren’t always necessary to take a good pole photo, and was enough to convince me to sign up for the next pole shoot.

On the day of my shoot however, things were slightly different. I was the last girl scheduled for the day and when I arrived there were at least 15 people milling around, including a very boisterous little boy whose mother had just gotten her photos taken, and a few advanced-level students sitting around and just watching.Β  Plus Po.lita had fallen sick and couldn’t join me.

Not exactly what I’d call a conducive environment.

Luckily, most of them left shortly after I arrived and by the time it was my turn, it was just down to me and the last 2 other girls who were getting their photos taken.

The talented Noel from Nudge Photography

Our photographer Noel wisely gave the following very good advice: Start with something easy to get warmed up, then do the most difficult tricks before you get tired, and finish with the simplest pose.

So I started with a geisha spin, then cupid hang, gemini hang, stag spin, and finally an elbow stand.

But in order to get enough decent shots each, every pose needs to be held for at least 5 seconds, and let me tell you… when you’re lifting your own body weight off the ground, time feels like it moves in dog-years: one second in the air feels like seven on the ground!!!

That stool made my life so much easier

I also discovered that multi-tasking is the biggest challenge when posing for pole photography: Remembering to face the correct direction while arching your back,Β  hyper-pointing your toes, sucking in your belly, trying to look graceful, and smiling at the same time is no mean feat!

The hardest pose of the day was the cupid hang. I’d just learned how to do it so luckily one of the instructors was on hand to give tips on fine tuning our poses. After a few tries, my cupid still wasn’t perfect but my left arm and hand were practically numb from gripping the pole and I couldn’t hold it any longer and had to give up.

Overall, I’m glad I did the photo shoot and I’m happy with how the photos turned out. Po.lita and I are already planning to do a doubles shoot sometime next year, so I have some time to improve my multi-tasking skills til then!

Anyway, here are my photos:

Cupid hang

chanelling my inner ballerina

elbow stand arch-back


Gemini hang

back stag


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11 Responses to Cos I’m a little vain-pot

  1. Holly says:

    Beautiful photos!!! I’m hoping to have my own photo shoot very soon with an amateur photographer friend, so you’ve given me some inspiration! πŸ™‚

  2. Flora says:

    looks really really good! U call that gemini thingy not advanced??? flora

  3. Nina says:

    These are so beautiful! And you can definitely not tell that the cupid hang is a new move for you, it looks great!:)

  4. Fab pictures! I’ve not seen a geisha before – you said its a spin? Is that with a spinning pole or can you manage it on a static?

    • Chwenny says:

      Thanks! It was shot on a spinning pole. You can start directly from a chair spin, or hook the back of your inside leg around the pole first then cross your other leg on top of it.

  5. Wow these photos make it seem like you’ve been doing this forever! Beautiful stuff!

  6. Chwenny says:

    Why thank you! And I’m always pleased to meet other pole addicts.. welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚

  7. The photos are awesome and you are too! You made it look effortless. πŸ˜€

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