It’s like Nike says… *

Just spent pretty much the whole of last week recovering from the flu.

Last weekend I was miserably sick, stuck in bed reading beauty blogs (cos pole blogs would have made me feel worse) and had to miss the last classes of the term.

But I managed to pull myself together enough by Monday night to show up at the studio for performance week. Po.lita couldn’t make it at the last minute, which put a damper on my mood and I started having second thoughts about going at all.

My hypochondriac mind started trying to take over: You’re still not100% well yet! What if you feel faint half-way during the routine!You can always just go on Wednesday or Saturday instead!

But I decided to just go ahead by myself anyway, sensibly promising myself to conserve energy, take it easy and only perform the chair routine and not do the pole routine.

So of course, I ended up doing both chair and pole routines. Cos well, being at the studio with everyone just makes me feel like I need to be on a pole. And plus only 2 other girls from inter 2 showed up to perform ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ so I thought I’d pull my weight and pitch in.

I had planned to go back and perform on Wednesday too, and also to watch the pole grooves girls who didn’t perform on Monday, but on Wednesday evening I suddenly started sneezing and coughing again and thought it wiser to raincheck.

In the end, it was a good thing that I went all out on Monday cos I didn’t manage to go back on Saturday either.

So, moral of the story: There’s no time like Now to do what you want to do, cos you never know what might pop up tomorrow. Now I’m so glad I showed up on Monday and went ahead and did my thing. No regrets here! Hmm, I might even make that a New Year Resolution…

* Just do it!

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