Some observations from intermediate 3 level

Notes to self..

This term, I finally got the pull-up-V. (Yaayyyy!!!) So I ventured a level up and did a few classes in Inter 3 on top of my regular inter 2, strip & lap, and flexibility classes.

In the brief few lessons that I attended, I learned a bunch of exciting new pole tricks. But the real lessons that I learned weren’t even about tricks at all. So far, here are the three main observations that I’ve taken major mental notes of:

Point #1: The poles near the air conditioner are freezing bloody cold at the top!

At inter 3 level, most of the tricks are done aerially, up on the higher half of the pole. The first time I successfully climbed all the way up and inverted, I got hit by a shockingly icy blast of wind from the air conditioner that threw me off guard and almost off-balance. I’d used that familiar pole in the corner so many times before but never experienced that chill until now!

Note to self: Chilly air blasting on sweaty skin = goosebumps, cold muscles and stiff shoulders. Avoid using the corner poles directly next to the air-con units.

Point #2: When inverted, always know Exactly where to place hands for safety

Since I only got the pull-up-V in week 2, I actually missed the first 2 foundation lessons. By the time I joined in week 3, the tricks had already been taught and were now being done in sequences. So I watched, learned, and scrambled to catch up quickly.

In my haste to keep up with the rest of the class during the trick combination sequences, I caught myself trying to release my only hooked leg from the pole before both hands had firmly gripped it… while upside down! Good thing I realized what I was doing before it was too late!

Note to self: There is NO room to ‘try and wing’ the more advanced inverted tricks. Always be completely sure where all arms and legs are supposed to go, and which direction to safely lean towards Before trying any new tricks.

#3: Today’s practice session shouldn’t come at the expense of tomorrow’s.

By practicing hard on my own between every class, I was pretty much able to do most of the new tricks in 2 weeks. But by the third week, I started to feel a familiar ache near my right shoulder blade, always a sure indication that its time to ease up.

I knew that if I took some time off to rest, I’d have to work double hard to catch up again later. And who wants to ‘waste’ all that effort?!

Note to self: By now, I’ve realized that trying to postpone recovery time on any kind of minor injury or pain only increases it by much more later on.

So I took a week off from pole altogether, then just resumed my regular classes. I’ll wait til next term to start inter 3 again properly from the beginning with no aches or pains.

I’m really looking forward to it now! 🙂

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