I’m a shoe customizer too

One of my personal idiosyncrasies is that I find it extremely fulfilling to finish using something before I start using a new item.

Take toiletries for example. I like to use just One bottle of shampoo, One bottle of conditioner, One bar of soap at a time, etc, finish using them completely, then open a new one. Some of my friends like to use multiple different toiletries to have lots of options to choose from based on their moods, but the minimalist in me gets irked when are too many consumables to finish using at one time. (And the frugal cheapskate in me hates wasting anything that can still be used.)

The same goes for food in the refrigerator, (we can turn those leftovers into fried rice!) books that I’m reading, (one at a time only, thank you) and even my clothes. (I have a ribbon pin that I always use with a particular shirt that has a hole on it. Yes, really.)

From this...

So when the ankle straps on my favourite black pole heels snapped off, I couldn’t bear to stop using them yet. Sure, I love buying new pole shoes as much as the next girl does, but I also can’t bear to get rid of a perfectly good pair of heels if there’s a way I can still use it.

Fortunately I’m quite a DIY enthusiast.

...To this!

So I just sliced off the broken ankle straps, and wound some nice cheap ribbons up the heels, taped them on for security, and voila! My heels have a new look and a new lease of life, and now I’m quite pleased with myself.

Plus the ribbons are super cute and make my ankles look like presents. Win-win!



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6 Responses to I’m a shoe customizer too

  1. Nina says:

    Those look great! I love DIY, I’m just horrible at actually completing anything I start..:)

  2. Beth says:

    I’m with you on the consumables. My husband is forever opening a bag of snacks before the last one is completely empty – very wasteful.
    Also, cute heels! I like them better with the ribbon.

  3. Ooooh La!
    Hey ballerina!

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