Meet some girls with an awesome hobby

One of the things I love finding out about my fellow pole sisters and pole-a-holics is how they got started in it in the first place, and the transformation that it caused in them.

For me personally, I signed up for classes at a point after I’d been working so hard and so long in a male-oriented industry that I felt strangely out of touch with myself. I also realized that I hadn’t done anything for Me in ages. So I started by shopping a little, getting my hair done, looking after myself in little ways.

Then inexplicably, I felt a need to dance.

And not just shake it in a club like in my mid-twenties, but somehow find a new way to move that infused my body with femininity and sensuality again. So I signed up to learn pole dancing!

She's about to start dancing any minute now

Suddenly it was like my poor, thirsty Soul plunged straight into a nurturing ocean and drank and drank its fill until it turned into a beautiful mermaid. Then she swam back to shore, grew feet, put some high heels on them and danced back to the party of life again.

..Or something like that!

Anyway, the studio just featured five students on its blog to share how they got started in pole and how it made them feel fabulous.. Just a bunch of regular girls for whom life got a lot more fun and awesome once they found a sexy new hobby. One of them also happens to be me. 😉

Check it out here:

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2 Responses to Meet some girls with an awesome hobby

  1. Sueann says:

    Looove your mermaid analogy. It’s so true. 😉

  2. Chwenny says:

    Haha, thx! Ariel was always my fave Disney princess…

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