A private class

The other candles were a no-show

Went for yesterday evening’s 630pm class and no one else showed up except me, so I ended up having a private class with an instructor for the first time.

Boy is it different from being in a group class setting! There’s absolutely no way of hiding or ‘cheating’ during a private class, all your strengths and weaknesses become glaringly obvious, and it’s a lot more tiring when the spotlight’s constantly on you. Under the instructor’s watchful eyes, every move I made was scrutinized and critiqued.

And what a difference it made!

With the personalized assessment and tweaking, all my lines got a lot prettier and my technique got straightened up immediately. The open Jamilla spin that’s always felt so heavy suddenly felt light once I leaned my weight into the correct spot on my thigh, and I can hold it  much longer like that now. And now I point my feet in the correct direction for all the different spins and transitions we worked on too.

She also made me practice properly dead-lifting (“Hhnnnnggg!!! @&%*&!!!!”) into the static chopper, which feels so different and is Way more difficult than the way I’ve been getting into it using momentum. After that one hour of enlightenment, I realize I’ve been doing a lot of things the wrong, ‘easy’ way so if I continue to practice everything the way I did it in class yesterday, I’ll probably see a huge improvement all round.

It’s a pity this time slot will probably be cancelled due to the lack of attendance because I really like this instructor, but at least I was lucky enough to score a one-on-one session. After class, my right arm was so tired I had to hold my drinking water with my left hand, but that’s a price I’ll gladly pay anytime for another private class experience!

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5 Responses to A private class

  1. Holly says:

    That’s awesome! What is the “open Jamilla spin”?

    • Chwenny says:

      I think it’s a ‘cradle’ spin that opens into a ‘thigh rest’ with both legs extended in a V. I can actually hold it for one full spin revolution now! 🙂

  2. That’s AWESOME!! So happy for you! Nothing like personalized instruction. ^_^

  3. Jaclyn Tan says:

    BABE! This is so reminiscent of all our pole history! I totally know what you’re talking about!

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