Beginner’s mind

Sometimes I like to join the beginners’ class that runs in the same studio just before my regular Monday class. It’s a great way to get warmed up without getting tired.

The first time I joined in, I got a few amused looks and more than one person asked why I was in the class for newbies. Isn’t everything way too elementary for me?

Actually, no it isn’t.

Well, no I don’t have any problems doing knee spins anymore but there’s a lot more value to be found in a beginners’ class than people think. Firstly, that’s where the most basic moves are broken down into their purest forms, and the importance of maintaining proper form can be easily missed when you’re struggling to learn a new move. Which is why it’s great to hear it all again now that I’m no longer struggling.

I’d never been able to do a graceful head swing, and head swings are everywhere to be found in the choreography style at Bobbi’s. Mine always looked like ugly neck muscle spasms and made me nauseous. Then I listened (again) as the instructor taught the beginners how to move into it properly, and it all made sense!

I also sneak in some practice on my weaker left side while the beginners learn the tricks on their right side. Luckily the tricks are very simple so it’s possible to do it all lefty. But since everything still feels much more awkward on the non-dominant side, I almost feel like a beginner too!

Practical reasons aside, I think you’re never too advanced not to learn something new from revisiting the basics. And there’s a big difference between learning a new move, and dancing it.

Anyway I really do still consider myself a beginner, though I’m obviously not a fresh newbie anymore. I’m just a more advanced beginner!

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2 Responses to Beginner’s mind

  1. “I think you’re never too advanced not to learn something new from revisiting the basics” truer words have never been spoken! Coaches preach it all the time “Fundamentals”

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