Crazy black swan hides baby lions

Tonight the husband and I leave for Johannesburg for a week. We’ve been invited to conduct another sneaker customizing workshop for a major street event. How awesome is that, right?

So of course, for the entire past week I’ve been all “dammit, I’m gonna miss a whole week of pole classes! How will I keep up with the routine when I’m back? What if my crossed-knee layback decides to stay in Africa with the lions?”

Last night I stayed for practice with a couple of classmates till 11pm, busting out straight-leg static choppers, elbow stands and pseudo spin-up-V’s with gusto.

No, we’re not crazy-obsessive like Nina from Black Swan yet… Pole practice sessions are literally scheduled from 930pm – 11pm every week night at the Studio, ok!

I must, I Must, I MUST perfect my arm-flapping!!!


Anyway I got home all happy and bouncy and bruised as a banana, and wistfully wondering how many days my practice buzz can last me.. while charting my personal progress, cos I’m nerdy like that:

“Straight leg chopper improving? Check! Pull-up getting stronger? Check! Elbow stand in heels? Check! Managed to miraculously pull up into a clumsy-looking aerial-V? Just twice, but Check! ”

Some random chick carrying the cub of my dreams. I think it's actually Aslan before he grew up and moved to Narnia, but I'm not certain.

Then suddenly it hit me: I’m traveling to beautiful South Africa in less than 24 hours, where I’ve never been and get to see a part of the world that’s as far-flung away from Asia as I can think of, and I will probably get to touch lion cubs cos the organizers have kindly offered to bring us to The Lion Park. (Lion cubs, y’all! Real live, baby Lions!)

And I wasn’t even excited cos I was too busy worrying about getting my spin-up-V. Damn, looks like I am slightly Nina-from-Black-Swan-crazy after all!

My point is… there’s more to life than pole, people! (and by people, I mean me. Cos You’re perfectly well balanced and never get your pole shorts in a twist over challenging tricks till you lose sight of the more important things in life. I mean, who does that?! ;p)

So I’m taking my chill pills, promising myself that I won’t pig out over the next six days like I did in Paris, (there’s no Laduree cafes in Johannesburg so I should be fine) creating a fun, safe time ahead, and getting on that plane tonight with no silly pole worries in my head.

Real-life, Baby Lions, yo!! Oh, my effing gawd, I’m so excited!!!

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6 Responses to Crazy black swan hides baby lions

  1. Holly says:

    Oh my goodness that sounds like so much fun! I want to pet a baby lion!!! And congrats on the progress, even if you are getting a little Nina-crazy, lol (but seriously)… 🙂

  2. Have an amazing time in South Africa – one if my favourite places in Africa – but please please please be very careful about your desire to ‘pet’ the animals.

    I apologise for being preachy but this is an issue I care about deeply and I did a lot of research when I worked as an African travel consultant before I would recommend an experience to someone.

    I’m not talking about the danger to you. I’m talking about doing your research before you go, as many lions and other animals in ‘petting’ situations end up in canned hunting farms, which are horrific disgusting places. “Paul Hart of the Drakenstein Lion Park said: “The end destination for captive-bred lions is a canned hunting farm””

    It’s so sad tourists are, generally unknowingly, supporting this horrible practice.

    Any good place for animals should be putting animal welfare first – not drugging their animals like some tiger petting places do in Asia or sending them to end their lives in this brutal cruel way – and contributing to conservation.

    I support safari so much more than these up close experiences. The animals are wild. It’s exciting as you never know what you will see next, and the animals are not there to perform for tourism. You still get close – I’ve been meters away from feeding hyenas, inside a herd of buffalo, surrounded by elephants, watched prides of lion, watched a leopard and her cub play. It was so much better knowing they were wild.

    Head up to Pilanesberg or Madikwe Game Reserve (only about 4 hours drive away from Jo’berg) and spend a night or two for a real wild experience, where the animals should be.

    Sorry to be a spoiler – but it would be so sad if this were one of those places and Africa’s wildlife is so special

  3. Nielle says:

    Think that chick looked like Sharkira. I went to the lion park many years ago when I was still flying. Get to carry one and took a pic. They were very heavy and drank a lot of milk and their tummy almost touched the ground. There was a story then…a young taiwanese honey moon couple got out of their coach and got killed by the lions. So warning was, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!!! It was amazing. I love South Africa! Lucky you!!!

  4. Chwenny says:

    Thanks for all the well wishes and warnings guys! I did indeed survive the lions, and had a splendid time in Joburg thanks to all the lovely friends we made there.

  5. jeane says:

    That is so awesome…and I love how you are taking in the moment! You will be fine when you get back to the pole and will have a few more experiences to twist into your dance! Cheers to you!

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